1929 Ford Model A Woodie Wagon - One of the Highlights of the Classic Car Show in Monrovia California.

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One of the Highlights of the Show was this 1929 Ford Model A Woodie Wagon. It was so Beautiful. I wish I had one of these. It took me back to the days that I use to go to the Beach and Surf. One of my friends had one of these 1929 Ford Model A Woodie Wagon. His name was "Don the Leather Man". He also had a 1969 Harley Davidson Panhead.

He would drive me to the beach sometimes with My Surfboard and just sit on the beach and watch me surf. He is gone now but he truly was a great man and a great friend. I really miss these days so much and I wish I could go and surf for my friend again. Rest in Peace My Brother. This photo is for you.

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He gave many beautiful pictures. I will say a lot of great posts. It's great to see me in my eyes.

So Classic. I never see this car in my country.
Love it