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Hi my beautiful people of Steemit ,

So I had to do something very major today concerning something which was behind the back of my huge head ... I had to really be strong today and the coming days , due to a certain MRI scan that is coming our way also. So I need something to change my mind and to cheer you guys up too.

So how are you guys doing ? 💝

Haven't you guys still not joined this amazing contest by @princessmewmew , come on guys , this is so much fun.

So here is my post for her contest . After which I will be writing first you guys the rules.

My journey with my pets !!

It all began when I was about 3 and I was living with my grandparents in this suburban town. And I remember we had ducks , goats , home chickens and a chicken farm. I remember how when the small baby chickens , the yellow ones where brought from the big truck...I used to be so eager . Just to see all of them..then I never knew what actually happened...because I wasn't allowed to enter there until they all mature and become big.

So chickens and me we never were friends.. we we're more like food buddies , well they be there , I'll be here sorta thing. I'll give them food at times...I remember they had this special glucose water...and I loved drinking glucose...no wonder I became so super chubby..haha.

Even the ducks didn't have a thing for me , since probably they cousins to the chickens..so no wonder.

But the goats always had a soft spot for me. So I helped my grandpa to catch the young 3/4 goats while grazing. Grandpa had the mom and dad. So one day as I was going into the forest to graze them..they became overactive and started running and I should have let gone of the rope , but I didn't, so my head hit a big rubber tree and my forehead started bleeding. And then they ran away. But that never stopped me from loving them. I remember crying in 2008 as some new babies had passed away due to an illness.

Then came our RABBIT , mittu , he was this white rabbit with red eyes. While walking through the water garden , a park , we saw these rabbits and decided to get one. And soon he was part of our family , he used to scratch my dad..but not me.

So after we moved and didn't have a place to accommodate him , we had to give him back.

Then some cats used to follow me back home. But that stopped as soon as my parents got a Cat from the pet store. Woohoo , so as a tribute to our rabbit we named him too , mittu . And he was so crazy and also attacked some people of my family more than others. He was so cute and lovely. I just loved petting him and feeding him...and every part of being a parent to this beautiful boy . Let me show you guys , how handsome and cute our baby was.


But soon it was 2012 and my last year at high school and my parents gave him away freely back to the store. Because of more work load. Then it was so many stressful days..and by 2013 I had gone off for college.

Now these are from my sister , they are technically hers , but that's because I'm away.
. So they got for her a cockatiel , oh yeah let me see if his pic is with me. I'm not a very huge fan of birds..I'm so sorry , I don't bond with them very well... I feel they have some bad blood with me lol...his name is turbo.


Then we even got her a turtle , but after several years he passed away. We had a mini funeral for him , in our backyard, she was still a child then and wanted one... Just me and her. It was sad. He was Mikey.

Then after all that , came our sweetheart, Kai , he was a stray dog..wandering on the streets , maybe right after birth with his other friends. But this was very far away from our house. But my dad saw them every day and started to feel badly towards their Condition and started to feed them..but only he came to bond with my dad. So dad brought him home..took him to vet and then he became ours. When we first saw him , he looked like a small goat baby..but as years flew by he became like this. And he is so so close to my heart. I love how he is. I love him so much.


Yup guys that's my life with my pets basically.


💜Write a post telling me all about your furry friend and how he/she makes your life that much more WONDROUS. I'd love to know how you met, what makes them special and how they bring you joy in your life.

If you don't have any pets, you could tell me about a pet you had in the past.

💜Make sure you use the hashtag #wondrouswednesday and also tag (@princessmewmew) somewhere in the post so I can be notified by my awesome Steemify app!

💜Make sure to use the words Wondrous Wednesday Contest or something like that in your post title

Thank you sis for this amazing contest..love you..

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thank you for your entry! Your babies are all so cute x