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This is a post I’ve been wanting to put out there on to the blockchain, and being that it's Women’s Day what better time to get my tail into gear than now! My hope is that it goes out far and wide to new users and whales alike because all of these gals are creative hardworking blockchain badasses. So please share!

Of COURSE this list is in no particular order, and please don’t mistake my brevity for indifference, we just have a LOT of awesome to get through, so I’m going to challenge myself to describe each of these women in one sentence.

Let’s go!


Image 2018-03-08 at 12.21.56 PM.png

+ An Honest, open, real-AF, a passionate problem-solver +

Why you should follow her:
@bkdbkd’s post make you feel like you’re just chatting with her over coffee. She speaks a lot about fitness, and personal self-improvement from a very honest and vulnerable place and even when she’s coming from a place of frustration, she always comes around to the bright side, or some sort of solution, iteration or plan of attack to make things better. She’s a fighter- my kinda gal!


+ Whimsical, talented, quirky and kind! +

Why you should follow her:
It’s easily apparent that @donnadavisart has a penchant for the things of yesteryear. I started following her art because of her animals and chairs series, in which animals, are paired, with… you guessed it - chairs! There’s always an antique quality to her work that makes you feel like you’re taking a trip back to simpler times, and her quail raising adventures have become some of the highlights of my timeline.


+ Skilled, hardworking and MULTI TALENTED! +

Why you should follow her:
@marty-arts is one of those folks who you can just tell, excells at anything she puts her mind to. If you’re an art-lover you’ll love watching her go through the gamut between digital art, sculpture, watercolors and mixed media. I’m always in awe of her skill and have so much respect for someone who has spent so many hours perfecting her trades that it’s easy to cheer her on!


+ A creative weirdo, in the BEST WAY. +

Why you should follow her:
@juliakponsford is not only a super talented artist in he own right, but she’s a master curator as well. She’s passionate about featuring other’s talent, and her work always has a surrealist, other-worldly vibe to it. If you’re a fellow weirdo, you’ll love her stuff. Weirdos unite!


+ A minimalist who’s not afraid to give adventure a shot +

Why you should follow her:
I’ve so enjoyed following @sharingeverybite’s @tangerinetravels series. She’s been exploring Mexico with @shenanigator and super cute doggo Laska. She’s smart, funny, and doesn’t take herself too seriously, freely sharing awkward, and unsure moments and they take on this pretty huge undertaking in another country. Proof that you don’t have to have it all sorted out in order to have a try. You go girl!


+ Ambitious Super Woman Who Can Tackle Any Project +

Why you should follow her:
@lifemovedbysteem is the kinda gal you sit down for coffee with, and walk away feeling uber-inspired by not only her super-positive energy, but the sheer amount of living this girl has done! From starting a coffee truck, living on a boat to being an epic quail mom now teaching herself how to code! There’s no mountain this gal can’t climb. I admire her zest for life so much, it’s infectious!


+ Super-Savy Creative Crypto Badass +

Why you should follow her:
@connecteconomy is such an awesome role model for girls and women who want to jump into the world of crypto but feel intimidated. She is smart, funny Dash enthusiast and has some mean t-shirt alteration skills to boot! Also, if you run into her at steemfest and you have the opportunity to play pool- make sure you’re on her team!


+ Social Warrior & Warden of the ChickenBitchez +

Why you should follow her:
If Steemit was a high school @lindsaybowes is that Senior girl who’s got a guitar on the front lawn at lunch time, and is WAY cooler than your freshman self, but she always takes the time to say hello to you and introduce her to her friends. She’s got a huge heart for social issues, she’s creative, musically talented and always makes me laugh, especially in her WalkWithMe series.


+ A Mystical Fairy-Steem-mother! +

Why you should follow her:
@sunscape captures the simple pleasures of nature and the world around her in photography posts, she’s a maker, crafter, cook and has a wealth of knowledge about the mystical holistic ways of the universe. I particularly love her posts about crystals, and the awesome therapeutic soaps she makes.


+ A Witty World Traveler +

Why you should follow her:
I’ve yet to meet @osm0sis in real life, but I can tell we’d get on right away (and promptly get kicked out of the establishment we’d meet in, for some sort of mischief) She’s got a wicked sense of humor, she loves to see the world (and share those sights with the blockchain), she’s always been kind and encouraging in our interactions, and never fails to make me chuckle.

There are SO many more women I'd like to feature that I may just have to make a part 2 to this post. I hope you enjoyed and if there's a badass woman in your life, make sure they know how rad you think they are today <3

Until Next Time Friends!


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thanks so much for featuring me :) I really appreciate it and Im happy I found another great woman here thanks to you! happy international womens day! :)

You too! My pleasure to share your art with others, I've been a big fan of yours for awhile now!

Awwww shucks. Thanks buddy :)
Always happy to get a few chuckles out of you.
This list has so many brilliant ladies, and still a few I haven't followed yet... Where have I been?!

HaPpY WoMeN's DaY to all of you awesome ladies. Get your party pants on!

YAY! <3


Thank you so much for featuring me, and I love the other's you feature already! Speaking of which I am a bit behind in my quail posting!

Resteemed :)

Thank you dear! Appreciate that and I appreciate you! <3

Oh my, I'm in your list! how darling of you, girl! <3
Thank you so much, love. I wish I was there to give you a big hug and say how you do inspire me with your awesomeness, big heart and talent.
Gonna follow these other ladies right now.
Thanks again! <3

Yay! That's all I could ever ask for, to help some awesome gals find each other!

HUGE digital hugs coming your way too girl <3

I'm super honoured to have made your Badass Ladies list!! WHOOOO!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I'm going to be following all <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Funny write up too Dayleeo! HAHAAAA!!!!!

Haha happy to share the radness and spread the love around! I couldn't have left you out Thank you for being YOU @lyndsaybowes!

I saw the flag that you took on this post...I just noticed it last night, totally rude and unfair for them to go after a resteem on my page. I'll make up for it sweetie... <3

So not your fault, don't worry about it. Kinda bummed me out but I've experienced WAY more positivity and richness of relationships here than negative- not counting myself out yet <3

Absolutely beautiful SiSTAR!!!

Poker Queen @bethalea is hosting a 100SBD women's day poker tournament today!! Plus a 1SBD bonus for knocking out any male
Check it out @tuck-fehman @spl FREE to play

Aw man I'm awful at poker! but thanks for inviting me- maybe when there's a blackjack tourney i'll jump in ;)

So many cool people on this list and a few that I don't know and need to check out :) Thanks for including me your pretty bad ass yourself! Happiest women's moth to you!

It was my pleasure to include you, I know how hard you work- much deserved <3

I wish all of you strong, independent, bright and wonderful women's here on steemit, a amazing international women's day 🌷.
And I hope you get a good treat today by your beloved ones.. 🌹
And if you are alone spoil yourself properly it's you day today... Best wishes today and always.
Bless you all 💙 🌹🌷🌺💐🌼🕉️😎✌️

LOVE this! Thank you for your beautiful comment @norwegianyogis <3

Ohhhhmygosh this just made my week! You are such a sweetheart @dayleeo, I'm honored you gave me a spot out of the 10! I think you forgot one though...

YOU! :)

Dawww I'll be an honorable mention <3 Thanks for that- hope you're enjoying your chicken beaks dip in mexico! ;)

yup all the facts are true about these wonderful ladies.They have a great esteem towards life.Happy women's day!

Thank you! I appreciate that! They certainly are great!

I have to nominate my amazing wife @flowerpowerart
Now if she'd just post more often.
Happy Women's Day to all of you.

Daw what a good dude! Checking out her stuff now! <3 Nice to meet you @flowerpowerart!

whoa, @dayleeo! what a nice list of people to follow. Ren @lifemovedbysteem was the first then you, and now these awesome ladies. Happy Women's month!

Hell yes! Thank you babe! I hope you have a particularly awesome day today <3

yeah you too! have a good one!

good posting. happy woment's month.....

Thank you! Happy Womens Month to you too!

YES YES YES! So many strong and stellar gals. A few we hadn't met yet! Thank you for bringing them all-together in one post. 😁

No problem! Looks like I'll have to start working on a part two- there are just way too many talented and amazing ladies here! <3

Hehehe warden of the chickenbitches! Great post @dayleeo, we sure have some amazing ladies with a wide variety of skills and talents on steemit ❤️

Thanks my dear! Inspired by you! I was really dragging my feet on getting this post done, so glad I did <3 Its so important for us to lift eachother up <3

Dear you haven't listed yourself on the list.You also deserve to be in that list .Happy women's day.

Very kind of you thanks for that @talhashsfiq119 !

hallo sir i am new steemit member plz. upvote done and help new ida

Very beautiful post @dayleeo. Yes we all should follow them. They are idol of every women.

Happy women day to everyone.

Nice post @dayleeo and nice choices for featured women!

It was near torture keeping it to just 10- just way too many awesome gals here- already starting to think about a second post <3 Thanks for stopping by @natureofbeing!

Aww, you wonderful woman! Happy Women's Day! I teared up with your words of description for me, thank you so much, my sister. I was able to meet a few more awesome women through this post as well. Wishing I could give you a huge squeeze in person, but you being a mystical cat and all should feel it just the same. Love ya <3

Feeling the mystical blockchain delivered hugs as we speak! Thank you lovely girl- and fire gif game as usual! <3

Thank you so much for the recognition @dayleeo I am honored and blushing at the same time. I love the women you featured here, they are all so unique and bring such wealth to the Steemit platform. xoxoxo

No need to blush! It was well deserved and the least I could do from everything I've gotten out of your posts <3

Nice work @dayleeo!

I don't care if it's the day after I'm sending out to more people because you have a hig quality list right there! 😁

Daww thank you friend! I put a lot of work into it, so that is super appreciated! <3

Happy womens day..

Thank you! <3

Thank you! <3

Well you just made my goal to 'follow 5 new people per day' a lot easier! (especially since I can't actually get on her every day! lol)
Can't wait to catch up with all these new (to me) ladies! Thanks for this post.

Oh that's so cool! And exactly why I put this post together! Makes me so happy to help others experience the joy that I following such inspiring ladies <3

Hey @dayleeo, may I link this article and feature your username in the next issue of the Weekly Homesteading Newsletter tomorrow? Let me know, thanks!

Ooh what a great women’s day gift! Thank you @dayleeo 😘😊🤗

I’m looking forward to checking out the other ladies (the ones I don’t know yet).

You're so welcome! It was my pleasure to share you with as many people as I can! Well deserved <3

Fo sho! Superb selection. Some of my favorite ladies too. And naturally you belong on any list of badass ladies – takes one to know one. First I've heard about @bkdbkd, @sharingeverybite, @osm0sis, so I'll scope 'em.

Oh man, you're going to absolutely love those 3- stoked for your discovery of their great work!

Oh man, you're going to absolutely love those 3- stoked for your discovery of their great work!

Good group of steemit divas indeed! 💅👠💃