Steemit Virus Contest! Women: The Mysteries Behind Their Smiles

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Hello friends! I am here to enter for the @steemit-virus contest that simply rewards creative individuals!

Today i shall be discussing my interpretation of a work art. See the picture below:


Join me as we both unravel the 'mysteries' behind the picture!

In the above picture, i see a beautiful lady with so much to desire. What do i mean by beauty? The general meaning of beauty is that 'it in in the eye of the beholder'. This general sayings makes the idea of beauty subjective. Subjective because what appeals as beauty to me might not appeal to you in the same manner. So many things makes a thing beautiful. It could be the look, texture, shape etc. 

To understand why i said she is beautiful, look at the image before she drew the 'cotton'! You will see a beautiful and attractive lady with captivating eye!

I believe women are blessings from God! often time, my mom tells me 'we are the salt of life, without us, the world would be boring'! I couldn't agree less. Sometimes i envy women! Why? They are 'superhuman' as far as i am concerned!

Recently, i looked at a situation where couple go to work, the husband comes back around 7:00 pm and the wife comes back around 8:00 pm. While the man will sit and relax, the woman will go to kitchen, do so many house chores just to take care of the family. The way their brains work, is still a mystery to me.

You see many beautiful ladies out there on the street with beautiful smiles but the burden under that smile is taller than Burj Khalifa. I am not trying to exaggerate but ask many of those women, they will tell you all they do just to show us the beautiful smile we see.

First, the picture reminds me of my single mother who struggled to make sure we are educated. It reminds me of her sleepless night when we were sick making sure we recover and praying at the same time. This woman will always laugh and smile to customers just to sell one or two things so that her children can survive. It is truly a reminiscence of a beautiful young queen who is locked in the utopian world she always envisioned as a youth.  

Secondly, I see a lady with attractive face but deep inside she is in bondage! Bondage not because she appears to be 'behind the wall' (prison) but the expression on her suggest she is not an happy lady. It shows the agony and sadness that is always behind the smile of every ordinary ladies.

Women love adventures and love trying new things. The woman looks cool and relaxed on the outside but she is in the prison of her imaginations. Her dreams locked behind her physical smile. She looks at her dreamland from within herself and exclaim with surprise and sadness because she is not sure whether such dreams would ever come to reality!

Thirdly, I see a lady who sees herself as a queen on the inside but outwardly, she looks different. Her hairs appears to be leaving her already as they are already changing colors. I see a queen inside her who cannot command her single subject. I see a queen inside her who is totally locked outside her dreams but in her reality!

The picture is truly deep. It just brought back a memory of what i have seen behind beautiful smiles. 


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What a great post. As a woman I am always fascinated to read mens interpretations of the fairer sex as we are known. Truly a race apart it seems.
I think men might become more able as women are if they were left to their own devices but with a hard working woman around it is so easy for men to be what a woman would consider by comparison - a little lazy maybe hahaha
But truly if every human lives a conscious life rather than a compulsive one issues that divide the sexes need never arise.
We can live blissfully together if we strive for an inclusive rather than exclusive
Your art piece is clearly showing a person living a double life emotionally but it could be male or female - the subject here is female but men can suffer equally behind a mask of security.
Good luck with your contest - I think it's a winner.
Following you for more inspiration to come.


With a smile on my face, i truly appreciate your contribution. We need oneness truly rather seeing men and women as different creatures! Thanks for your contribution!

The good, the bad, and the ugly. My subjective evaluation is that for years, women in our society have been trapped in their "self".It is believed that this is a man's world and the woman is continually subjected to inhuman treatment in the hands of their male counterpart,with the society looking the other way. Do I talk about the girl-child marriage in the northern part of Nigeria where a child who is barely out of the cradle is married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather?They look from their "prison"into a world that has taken all from them. They go through life hurting, their rights denied them, unfulfilled and never able to realize their potentials as women.
Or is it the woman from the Eastern part who is made to go through grotesque ceremonies because she is believed to have killed her husband, the father of her children? She speaks with a lone voice, ignored by the society she has given her all to. Truly this depicts a picture of a woman who has been caged by age-old and time-worn tradition. She ceaselessly screams for release of her gender from captivity. And you know the most frustrating thing? She is meant to smile through it all while her tears are shed in the dark secret of the night .


WOW! You truly got the gist behind the image. It would have been good if you can enter the contest too. You can give it a shot as entry closes tomorrow!

Good luck as you do so and thanks for your comment!


Thank you. I'm highly honoured.

I love your interpretation!
Good luck with the competition - from a fellow competitor.
I'll resteem your entry to hopefully get more participants x


Thanks! I really appreciate your comment!

Nice write up @smyle ...I must confess,u are a talented writer...good luck with the contest


Thanks brother!

The uniqueness of good women can never go unappreciated. A good work here. Good luck.


Thanks brother!

True talk. So many women try to put up smiles but deep down....


Thanks for your comment!

Thats a virtuous woman i must say though virtuous woman is difficult to come by, i am inspired by this story


There are virtuous women out there! I have seen many personally. The society and especially these words: 'civilization and modernity' make it look as if they are hard to come by. But i tell you, they are everywhere! Look deeper and crave for quality rather than appearance! Thanks for your contribution.

You captured what goes within women of substance...women of timber and calibre. As true as it is, however, not every woman reasons in conformation with your stance. There are those of that are worst than terrible. I don't wanna delve much into their shortcomings as a gender. This is a great article though.


hmm! This is deep boss! I believe the good ones are more than the 'bad' ones! Thanks for your contribution.

Very nice interpretation of that image. I didn't think that far.

Best of luck for the competition ! :)


Thanks for your comment!

Such a wonderful piece of write up.


Thanks bro!

Nice. Same to men too.

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