Why Women harassment by some one and what is the solution in this hard situation.

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Today i make this post for women respect .Today lot of women harass by someone and know its also happen with small boys and girls also .Its is because small children and sometime women fear inside her heart and take this burden very long and never tell any one because of she thing no one can believe and some time she felt ashamed and thing her respect is no more if she tell any one.

Yesterday i hear this same thing with my friend and i am very sad and feel very anger on that kind of men who harass some one and touch and force that's why i make this post for tell you how to safe your self from men and form those who annoy you and harass you i also explain step by step in my video.


They think you are weak person inside and you never tell any one and this thing give more power to that bad person and they always force you for this thing .


When any one annoyed your for this you no need to clash direct by your self you need to find that person in your close friend in your society relative father mother grand paa etc who love you and care about you and then you need to tell them Don't take direct action this thing bad for you you need to get some one help first in this way that person remove your fear first and then give motivation to you and then make perfect way how to deal this situation in my opion you tell that person if you do this again i tell to your suppiror and also tell all over the society and also show your msg and call which you do with me this thing click in mind and they never tease you but if they can't understand then you take serious action about them don't thing you get dis-owner from society No No If you take some one help this thing save you.

Please always respect Women and also kids

Must resteem its also help by your side to someone who face this situation.

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Good to see you are discussing most important topic.

Thanks bro