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Did you know that most women often have colder than men? Except that it is very romantic to say that you are cold, so that your friend can put his arm around you, it is also scientifically proven that women are rather cold than men.

In women, less blood flows to the ends of the body than in men. But there are still more reasons!


Both men and women are struggling with low temperatures.

According to Professor Human Physiology Mike Tipton of the University of Portmouth, this is because man is ' born ' in warm areas!
Later he has to adapt to lower temperatures.

But naturally we prefer high temperatures.
However, it is striking that men have fewer problems with the cold than women.

Tipton investigated the phenomenon and came to the conclusion that women are indeed colder than men. Oddly enough, this is partly because women deal more efficiently with the heat they produce.

Because the fat in women is better distributed over the body than in men, women are better able to let the blood flow to the main organs.

It would be useful to think, but this also means that women have less blood to the hands and feet.
And so women get cold.


That is not the only cause. Hormones also play a role.
During the menstrual cycle, the temperature of women changes.
In the phase after ovulation, this can quickly make a difference of 1 degree Celsius.

Moreover, our sleep also has an influence on our temperature.
At night our body temperature drops, both from men and from women. In women, this is quicker and more explicit .

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