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Irritated with clink!
Took me back to my memories,
which had lots and lots of queries.
My way and my preferred existence,
for stereotype people became fence.

Hello there! Says a part of me,
to everyone who likes to be free.
Free in a way that helps you,
to organize your life, like you knew.

Let me take you to a discriminating world,
where everything wrong is your fault.
You’ll be categorized only for vain,
Tring! Tring!! Not men, only women!
I work and earn with my own effort and self-esteem,
that gives reason for ultra-stupid society to scream.
A boy returns around 10 pm, this society says work is worship,
when a girl returns around 7 pm after work, becomes a gossip.

“Female” is not a gender here,
but considered as a tag to bear.
From changing caste to family,
for some, marriage is such a bully.
Not in every family, only in some,
I repeat…

What do you think women empowerment is?
To live under command or at your own ease?
What makes women feel low at any case?
Men? Women? Or own life’s phase?
What forces women to get bound anyhow?
Responsibilities? Relations? Or own vow?
What made you the leader of your illusions?
Unanswered questions? Or own assumptions?

Women empowerment is not to be renounced,
Because it is not a piece of metal to be crowned.
It needs social understanding and acceptance,
Not in a page of constitution with sentence.
Rebuilding the incomplete bridge shall not fall,
If you believe empowerment is equal for all.
A woman will have the most wonderful day,
if the woman next to her stops to betray.
Stop judging a woman with what she wears,
Since, dressing might be the least she cares.
Stop being jealous and start working hard,
because jealousy will only draw your life apart.
This is not an issue of flame but a huge fire.
Since, women empowerment is need; not just a “DESIRE” …

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