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Who is the Blond in the Belly of the Beast?

Why are we too cranky?

Mothers and housewives are wonderful. Don't let people tell you otherwise. You can have a career. You can do what men do. Women can do what they want. Women can also stay at home too. You have that power and choice. Be more independent. Don't fall for the addictions of welfare. Women often die poorer than they were. We are brainwashed from television and from school and from everything. They tell us how to act and what to think and feel.

We are in the Matrix.

But the re pill Bitcoins to get out of the Matrix.

Rothschild and others made this real-life Matrix we live in.

The fundamentals determines morality.

It feels good to do good.

The more we stop listening to our gut, the more reputation points we lose with ourselves. We slowly leave the reputation and the integrity of our Jack Sparrow like follow your heart internal compass. We can be more happy when we get back to the root of absolute truth and our relationship with our identity and purpose and destiny and everything. Women and men play different but complimentary roles with each other.

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Hey!!! I just listend to this a little bit ago :) have been following Stefan for over a year now and he brings on great guests to talk through today's problems and issues.

Thank you for posting this here, a lot of people have not had their mind challenged and they need another perspective, especially a thought provoking one that Stef and his guests bring.

Appreciate a follow fellow truther :)