Fasting for women and weight loss

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There is a lot of stuff out there about women and fasting and how you shouldn't fast if you're women blah blah. Well, if you're a women and reading this it will not surprise to learn that it's bullshit.
You can fast, and you actually should fast. The story goes like this.
We are not designed to eat cookies every 2 hours and start the morning off with a 60gram protein shake followed by 6 small meals.
fasting empty plate.jpg
This makes us fat.
We are however desingned to eat and then not eat. It really is as simple as that.
Problem is, humans have this really crazy way fo making simple things complicated and in the process making ourselves unwell.
Your body is a finely tuned hormonally driven organ keep those hormones in balance and weight gain never happens and good health is the result.
Want to know the most significant factor that keeps hormones in balance?
Guess? yip it's fasting. By fasting, I mean nothing passes the lips except water for at least 16 hours but preferably 24 hours 2 or 3 times a week. That is all it takes. You are either feeding or fasting. You can't do both at the smae time.
Wanna know more? Hit me up or leave me questions and I will respond because I am good like that.

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