Run for your life if your husband is a wife beater

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Nollywood actress, Yinka Olukunga popularly
known as Nnenna following her lead role in
Wale Adenuga’s production, “Nnenna and
Friends”, has advised women not to remain in
a marriage where they are turned into a
punching bag.
The actress gave the advice, while in a recent
chat with NollyNow. The light- skinned
mother of a set of twins, said while she would
not advice any woman to divorce her husband,
she, however, would not tolerate a situation
where the latter is involved in wife battering.
Responding to question on why celebrity
marriages are crashing in Nigeria, the actress
who got married to her beau in 2014, stated
that no woman would want to go for divorce
after marriage.
According to her, “ When it happens, I’m sure
it’s because there are some irreconcilable
differences. It’s just for you to self-guard your
own marriage and ensure that nobody tampers
with your home. For me, if your husband is not
a wife beater, you can stay back and see how
you can work things out with him. But if he’s
involved in wife battering, that is the one I
wouldn’t tolerate. I wouldn’t advice any woman
to remain in that marriage. No one is perfect in
marriage. But if you can survive the first five
years of your marriage, you should be able to
pull through.”
Yinka Olukunga got married to her hubby,
Rotimi in Decembler, 2014 and the lovely
couple are blessed with adorable twin girls. The
pretty actress made her debut in the Wale
Adenuga Production’s Super-story TV series as
Nnenna. Ten years down the line, the actress,
model and singer has become a household
name among kids and teenagers.

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