Are women attracted by muscular male bodies? (Part 1 of 2)

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   I had this argument with a friend. It started like this: “Do women find muscular men attractive?” He said yes. I said no. He said, “Let’s ask them.”  

I said "Don't bother." I did a quick google search and showed him this study.    

“But,” I quickly added, “I wouldn’t care even if the study pointed in the other direction.”   


“It doesn’t matter what women say, because…”  

  Women have already voted with their vaginas   

   According to most research, chimps are, pound for pound, at least twice as strong as a human.       

In other words, the likely outcome in a fight between a chimp and a man would be something like this:       

And these are just chimps we’re talking about, not gorillas.      

So, the question begs itself, why are humans so pathetically weak compared to other mammals, if our female ancestors chose to selectively favor strength and muscles?   

Well, those of our ancestors who did choose strength, did become chimps and gorillas. But our ancestors chose something different: they chose smarts.   

Why? Well, we all know who’d really win in a fight between any mammal and a human, don’t we? If you don’t, just keep meditating on this picture of the great equalizer until you do:  

My friend insisted. “You really mean to tell me that you think women would prefer to sleep with Bill Gates than with Thor?” (both of us can never remember the actor’s name; and I’m willing to bet more women would recognize the name 'Bill Gates' than whatever Thor’s real name is — and that’s already telling us something).   

I said, “That’s not even really an option—”   


“—because men who look like Thor don’t even exist.”   

“What?! Man, let me show you a picture of him. Here, look!”   

“No, you’re wrong…”   

That kind of body doesn't exist in nature   

   In my more innocent years, if I was asked whether Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s body is real (i.e. natural), I would very innocently have replied “I’ve no idea”. Now, that reply boggles my mind: if that body was real, it would behoove NASA to capture “The Rock” and study him – it would save them millions of dollars wasted looking for aliens out there, when they’re right here.   

My personal experience is that I can only add 500 grams (~1 pound) of lean muscle per month, doing heavy weights and following proper nutrition. Maybe I’d be able to add 2 pounds per month (~1 kilo) if I was in my peak testosterone-producing years. And even then, I wouldn't look half like "The Rock" even if I had 20 years of training on my back. 

Here’s what a perfectly sculpted male body looks like after it’s been trained to its full potential, naturally:   

And here’s the unflexed body of some random unfit dude, probably some effeminate rock star by the looks of him:   

You can see there’s a world of difference between the two (or can you?), almost as much as the difference between a real dude and someone on steroids:    

“What’s your point?” my friend insisted.   

“My point is, if women really preferred brawns over brains, we wouldn’t have to bust our nuts all day at the gym just to gain a few grams of lean muscle, or cheat the process by injecting substances. Rather, we’d sit around on tree-branches munching on leaves all day long and be as strong as gorillas. Women—voted—with—their—p....”  

  Strong vs muscular

   Everyday discussions being what they are, we had clumsily conflated strength with muscularity. But I, being a philosopher, was quick to point out the difference. After all, I didn’t get to over 75% correct prediction rate in MMA by betting on the fighter whose abs gave me the biggest boner.     

My predictions and results on last week's fight night:

In fact, more often than not, I’ve noticed a chiseled body means a losing body.  

My friend wasn't buying it. He kept asking, "But then how do you explain women's actual claims in real life?"

Well, I'll give my answer to that in the second part of this article!



   Here's the take-home points: 

Great strong bodies haven't been sexually selected for. We are among the weakest mammals in nature, pound for pound. 

I’m not saying all females chose the brainy dude over the strong dude. Some chose the strong. They are called apes. They are our relatives. But they are not us. We chose brains.

Thanks gals!  

  * Note that, for the most part, the above are not stake-your-life-on-them arguments as they're usually found in philosophical discussions, but are rather more like the just-so stories found in biology.  

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LOL. "the unflexed body of some random unfit dude, probably some effeminate rock star by the looks of him". That's Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors, one of the most iconic and influential front-men in rock music history, you doofus. This is a like a conversation over-heard in a pub. Not not entertaining.


Not not entertaining.

That's a double negative: you mean it's entertaining?


Yes :)


Lol! I know that's Jim Morrison! :P

That was the point: guy's attractive as he is, and girls like him cos he looks great, is talented, has got brains, etc. All as nature prescribed!


You see this is how the conversation in the pub would have gone after I would have been ear-wigging and then felt compelled to interrupt! he he


At this point I feel like someone owes somebody a beer, but I'm not sure who.

It's bedtime for me now, brain only half here.


Good night wherever you are!

Average woman would prefer a successful man, intellectual woman would prefer a smart man, smart woman would fuck with both)))

P.s Sapiosexuality is quite a trend nowadays



Well the point of the article is they're all sapiosexuals! It's just culture has brainwashed women to like other types of men more now, but that'll be the next article's topic.


It was a long growing trend. And there were the times when no one asked them)))

When i was young and my only wealth was about 50$ i had no problem with girls because i was smart. And maaan it were the girls that could not be bought by any money and wealth those guys were just of no interest to them. Muscular guy were not even an option for them. Even though i wasn't rich in money they found me as a guy with a big potential and good genes and the most thing that they knew very well that i can give them intellectual advancement. What can a muscular guy do? To fuck well and to beat some guys in the street and that's all. A wealthy guy can give money but he can be stupid and his kids might be stupid as well. A smart guy can say two words and change your life.


Who says muscular guys can fuck well! Do muscular women fuck better than women who don't exercise?


I'd say that most of them sucks))) I find that they have some exaggerated love to man body.

Muscular women? Haven't tried any. I don't like muscular woman body. It's good for a woman to be fit but not muscular.

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Good post, but I would disagree. Strong body = strong mind. Testosterone is also very important for happiness in males and is a potent cognitive enhancer. The strongest lifters and best fighters, especially at the lower weight classes are often the smartest. Also, often, when your mind is about to explode from thinking too much, the best way to go calm your mind is meditation with the iron -- lifting heavy ass weights. Physical strength, sexual attraction, and intelligence are all so interconnected that it's impossible to separate them.


I more-or-less agree with everything you said. It's just that strong body ≠ Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's body. If you saw a natural strong body and a regular body at the beach, you'd scarcely be able to tell them apart. Watch any UFC fight. Yeah there's some muscular dudes in there, but most of them just look normal. That may partly be because you have to go below 9% body fat for your muscles to show, and in nature fat is valuable - the body tries to keep as much of it on as possible, instead of trying to shed it like we do in the current culture.

And thanks for your comment!


The Rock is definitely on a good amount of anabolics, but I'd say although a natural athlete might not look superhuman, he still is far from looking like your average guy. Women might not want the He-Man, but they sure would take Ronaldo's body over that of your average overweight or skinnyfat guy. I'd say fair enough if women prefer the pro tennis player body over the bodybuilder, but promoting the 'dad bod' is unethical.


No, dad-bod is definitely not what I'm talking about or endorsing. I'm talking about, like you said, the tennis body, or the Nate Diaz body above. Overweight is not what I consider a natural body. But neither is below 9% fat (the point at which your six-pack starts to show) a natural body, given how nature will do anything to hold on to the fat, so there's no way to get rid of it whilst maintaining your muscle without the aid of modern fitness science. So I can only draw the (admittedly tentative) conclusion that women in our culture were brainwashed to like six-packs, bodies with visible veins, etc. It's more natural for women I think to like the kind of bodies the various incarnations of James Bond sported over the years (with the exception of the last one - a telling cultural development!) .. Some of this will be addressed in the second part of the article..

more women would recognize the name 'Bill Gates' than whatever Thor’s real name is — and that’s already telling us something).

Well, I'm dying over here. What is it telling us?

What about those of us who chose to have fit brains and bodies?


What about those of us who chose to have fit brains and bodies?

You didn't choose fit bodies, you just think you did! :P

If you wanna see fit bodies, go to the zoo and look at a gorilla: now that's a fit body!

Throw the 5 strongest humans in the cage with the gorilla, and he'll just slap them around.

While yawning.

We never chose fit. We always chose brains. In a moderately exercised body!

I'm saying all this half-joking, of course. I think the body should be kept healthy, otherwise you're in danger of both physical and mental ailments.

I just don't like the current culture's excessive fascination with unnatural bodies (like Dwayne's). I was watching The Fate of the Furious a couple days ago, with my mom, and she said (about Dwayne) "I don't understand how women can find that kind of body attractive", and proceeded to liken that kind of body with silicon lips and boobs. She pointed at Jason Statham at a later point in the movie and said "now that's a real man's body, that's how men ought to look like!"

But she belongs to a different time and era. Nowadays women are accultured to those images, and think nothing of them.

But, to repeat, I was always a supporter of mens sana in corpore sano.

About the Bill Gates vs Thor, I do believe that if Bill Gates wanted to, he could easily procreate more than Thor, and could also provide for the welfare of all his offspring, so that they would out-survive and out-perform Thor's in every area. I'm just using these two as a symbol for what I think really happened in our human past. Thor himself is the descendant of some woman who chose brains over fitness, otherwise he'd be grumbling instead of talking, and he wouldn't have to use substances in order to grow all that muscle.