"Mother Day"

in womanpower •  last year


Many people, they may come and go
But unconditional love will never slow
A mother, a friend, until the end
With support so strong, it will never bend

She gave you life and raised you well
Even small achievements, made her tell
Her neighbors, friends and passes by
The milk man, or some random guy

The person you most respect
And have learnt a life you won't regret
You dance, you laugh, even when afar
Your mum, she is your stable star

So on this day we all rejoice
For the one person, that we had no choice
We love our Mom and all she does
And the fact she gives undying love

I would like to thank @iwrite for being my mentor and giving me support as always



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Hello @ortorres1123 good post. Very inspirational for us as mother.. the relation between mother and child.


Hi, yes, we thank all the Mothers in the World. They give us this wonderful life...

Thanks for the wonderful poetry to our mothers.

Moms are the best! Thank you for your lovely poem <3