Woman Crush Wednesday: Fun Time With @gee1.

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It is funny how life is. I am really grateful to God for Steemit, if not, is this how I would miss knowing this amazing soul up close? I have always seen her around in Church. I doubt if we have ever exchanged any pleasantries either. Steemit brought us closer and I have no regret whatsoever. She is all shades of cuteness, warmth, friendliness, amazement, wonder, sweetness, Grace, and many more. I am a man of many words, but over this bundle of joy, words failed me.

@adejoke16, you are nothing short of a blessing. The guy that would own that heart has no idea what he is getting. He would be one blessed and favoured man. His life can NEVER remain the same. You are a bundle of greatness and I love you without reservations.

You are a hard worker. This lady right here will never give up. Her resilience game is on point and never on a dwindle. She pushes herself so hard that you don't even need to push her. She is wise and knowledgeable. I am writing this from the depth of my heart and this is totally different. I can't explain why either. I am serious.

My heart prays for you most of the time. You know how to pamper and take good care of your friends. You are the type that would naturally go out of your ways for anyone close to you. Most people take advantage of this, but I want you to always take it as a compliment. Why? Because it shows people expect you to always be good, so stay good.


The best compliment you can give a lady is "She is beautiful and kind". Adejoke, I tell you today, you are beautiful and kind. Every good thing that comes from you stem from your outward and inward beauty, and the kindness of your heart. Oh, don't get me started on your amazing voice. Sometimes when I don't even have anything to discuss with you, the lure of listening to your voice always push me to call, and we end up talking for close to an hour hahaha. It flows naturally. I know only few ladies with such voice and wonder, and don't let me mention them because today is all about you. You are the real MVP: my personal person.

I still have so much to say. Maybe because I know so much and i am struggling with which aspect I want to get across. Maybe I shold screen it before everyone wants to have a taste of Adejoke, hahaha I don't want to give you too much man trouble, so choosing would be easier for you hahahahaha.

You are an amazing lady @adejoke16. Keep at it. Never change that for anyone, even when people take advantage of it. Be good, not just for them, but for the peace in your heart, because I know you always want to help, you always want to be kind, you always want to make impact.


You are a goal-getter. Anything you set your heart upon, you make sure you get to the end of it and you are also a dreamer. Once a goal has been achieved, you strive to attain an even greater ones. You are such a super lady. This lady right here can multitask. She can do a lot of things at once, with so much expertise. She thrives on pressure and pushing herself.

You deserve this #WomanCrushWednesday. You are super cool and amazing. I hope you know you are stuck with me, no matter what? Hahaha. Start wrapping your head around it.

Oh! Don't let me say only the good stuffs. There is one thing i will complain about hahaha. She knows how to pamper herself enh. She makes the best of meals only when she knows I won't visit. Hahaha. I am watching you and my timing would be so on point from now on. Wait and see. No hiding those amazing delicacies, nah, not anymore.


This is to celebrate you darling. I am grateful to God for how far you have come, and for the person you are being transformed into. I am proud of you. Your tomorrow is so bright enh, chai. I am even excited for you.

You are simply adorable and phenomenal
Your kindness is always and not seasonal
I am always interested in things about you and I take it personal
You look tough and independent and ofcourse emotional
You don't flatter, you are honest and your speak practical

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday @adejoke16. Totally deserving. I love you my padi.


This is me keeping it short, before you will shout regarding my long epistle. You deserve a longer one though.



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Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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Well deserved, well said...


Thanks a lot brother.

Am crying for her
This is awesome
You sure know how to detect the best in people
Keep it up


Thanks a lot for your kind words darling. Means a whole lot. hugs


Awwwn thanks darl, I appreciate you real good.
@olawalium is really blessed.


I am humbled. Thanks cutie.

I couldn't agree less with you @olawalium. Her drive is amazing. Roll with her and you'll catch the fire!
And you @olawalium, words fail you and we got this epistle, if words no come fail you nko?


Hahahahahaha. Thanks a lot brother. God bless your heart.

She will definitely let people around her catch the fire. Absolutely.


Hahah, he really kept it short 😁😁
Thank you for the compliment darling, you are also an inspiration☺

Wow wow wow!!!..
This is heart warming..
@adejoke16 you really a star..


She is a star, always have been. Thanks a lot brother. Your support means a whole lot. Thanks a lot.


You welcome man...


We are all stars
Thank you dear..


You welcome..

@adejoke16 deserves this, even more, she has a very large heart. Always friendly and ready to help. I cherish that in her. She'll always be my crush anytime, any day. Thanks @olawalium for this


She is all shades of amazement. Super cool and cute lady. Thanks a lot for the support brother. You are wonderful.


Awwwwn thank you so much for this @mattyabo
I appreciate you, I dont take this for granted

Ola-whale-ium...I doff my hat for you!!!
@adejoke16 I'm coming for you.


Hahahahahahaha thanks a lot brother. You are always impressive. Always making me laugh. Hahaha


Awwn thank you ☺

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#Crying....... Awwwwww. This is lovely. i don't know this lady @adejoke16 but you deserve this. Nice one @olawalium


@mizdais you will know me some day 😁
Thank you very much.


She is a bundle of amazement. You should know and meet her soon.

Thanks a lot darling. Been a while dear.

Sincerely @olawalium you made me teary, I couldn't hold back my tears.
I was lost for words when I read this, in the afternoon.
You are the kind of friend that stick closer than a brother, I know am stuck with you already, I aint planning on leaving anytime soon👌
Don't worry I believe your timing will be right for the next delicacy.
You made friendship so easy, thank you for accepting me the way I am, I love you so much.
God bless you real good😍😍😁😁
...and you didnt keep this short at all... Lol.


Hahahahaha for you, words can never be enough. There are so many things to say. You have amazing angles to you. You are indeed special. I am so glad you love it. Means a lot to me. Thank you for accepting me the way i am too. Thank you for being a blessing darling.

I must also know @adejoke well o...... See all the testimony, i seem to be the only one left out, why💁???
Please connect me to @adejoke anywhere, be it Steemit, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, WatsApp, anywhere just anywhere.....
I need to have a good say about her as well.


Lol...To start knowing Adejoke, you didn't include '16' that makes it easy to find me, and its not about saying good stuffs about me that matters dear but how I make positive impact in the lives of others that matters to me 👌
We will meet soon, its a small world.


Lol... That's right, i can't forget 16 next time;