**Women in my life and how they inspire me.**

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Greetings dear friends, it is my pleasure to show you my entry for the contest inspired by @beanz with the motivation "Celebration of International Women's Day", thanks for the opportunity to express ourselves in this special way .. </ center>

MOTHER </ center>

On the day I went to you, you saw me. I bless the moment in which your daughter was called to me, because in spite of the years you still water the memory of my childhood and in the shoulder you still carry the weight of a newborn face. After your soul is moved, your eyes are smelling of poppy. You, a woman of peace and myopic love, gave you a heart and in fertility new seeds sprang up, beyond the logic of those who despise hands without titles that precede the name, good flowers touch with closed eyes. Mother without critics, you do not know of eyes locked or disappointment so big that it stops you from loving again </ center>

@danielasgm </ center>


Que vivan las madres! Saludos @danielasgm

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