The Wolf Moon is Here - It is NOW My New Year

in wolfmoon •  9 months ago

The Wolf Moon of 2018 has arrived.

Will This supermoon guide my Xscape from that reality.

This channel will remain open for seven days. 

A great deal of light is coming through.


There is no time to make time!

The Illogicol protocol seems to be a step ahead . This is an I- so- late- ing place to be.

I cant believe this timeline has to fork again. As those who can see can see, The light is con-Verging and almost everything is aligned. I have to go, but I'll be back to this timeline before you can tell that I'm gone. I am leaving traces of where I am going. Traces Illogicol cannot see. I really wanted to connect this time. 

It is almost 828

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