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In the past weeks we were working hard to code new ingame elements. If you are a supporter we can say thank you now!

Short Info about the WoD-Game project:
We are a small german dev team and about to create a FPS game with a Steem based inventory where you will be able to securely store your valuable loot. A Special feature will be "bounty" were users are able to earn Steem by tactical gaming. The Early Access will be for everyone who Support us! :)

Platuro: "Hello Guys, We have now a Cyber like map which will be soon the first Map for the Gamemode Headbounty. The Map has some Fake Ad Banners which will be in the future real Ad Banners. Everybody on Steem can use this Banners to Promote Content, their Page, Projects and more. We know how hard it is to reach people on Steem so we will help! Steemians for Steemains! ;)"

Cyber Map - New World

Screenshot-08.02.2019 02-44-08.png

Screenshot-08.02.2019 02-44-08.png

Screenshot-08.02.2019 02-44-08.png

Screenshot-08.02.2019 02-44-08.png

Added new Map
Disabled Test Chamber (in future again available)
Added Download Option
Disabled Steam from the Game (took lot of work)
Fixed some Bugs

Next Friday
Login via Steem

Join us, Support us!
Website: Click here!
Patreon: Click here!
Fundition: Click here!
Discord: Click here!
Download: Click here!

The WoD Dev Team


I just saw your post! This is a great way to monetize fun. Gamers can make Steem and accomplish stuff in the game. I think it could bring people from outside Steemit to Steemit through discord. Good idea!
I hope your successful. Here’s my vote and resteem.

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Great idea. Resteemed and upvoted!

Thanks for sharing the post.

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Thanks for resteeming this cool post. It’s a real cool idea. I will resteem it too.

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Cool idea, you plan sounds like fun too.
I hope it works. I will buy the game. Please keep me informed.

You got my vote and I will resteem. 👍

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Such a cute idea :) I would totally buy an in-game ad banner if I can afford it.

Have you considered getting some people to stream this on @vimm?

Well maybe when it is on a more stable state and has multiplayer inside. But everybody has the permission to Stream it already yet! ;)

Get that multiplayer going, and then come talk to us at @vimm. I think you'd fit right in with our platform!

Wow, is this legitimate? This looks absolutely epic. I am really excited to try this game out.

This looks interesting. I'll chexk it out fer sure!

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The Map Looks Great! :)

How can I join the game the early acces ? Will I win some steem playing ??? Thank you

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Hello, now you can not win steem in the Game but we are working on it. You can play already a concept Demo which you can find on GameJolt

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