Let Me Tell You About Whaleshares

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Hello steemians, I would be telling you about a social sharing platform on this post, it is something most of you have heard of, but might have decided to ignore due to not having a proper knowledge about it. This short post would tell all you need to know.

As we all know that social networks have become an important and indispensable tool for sharing information and how we feel like among ourselves. Over time, it has grown and is gradually taking over the internet from other platforms like the social media as people have discovered that they can have fun while equally getting incentive.

The social network platform I'll be writing about is Whaleshares.io. The question now is what is Whaleshares.io and what makes it different.

Whaleshares is a full social sharing economy. It takes the best of community banks, guilds and blockchain-based DACs and connect them into a sharing economy where anybody can earn tokens that holds value in the eyes of their stakeholding community of trusted friends and followers.

Whaleshares, is unique and different other early MAS-based chains, it was specially built to promote a value sharing
community. Unlike the many social network platforms like steemit, Whaleshares uses “sharing” instead of “upvoting”. Reason being that it is believed that if a user or community sees the information provided by another user believes the information is vital enough to be rewarded, it is rewarded, and the rewarder can find it useful enough to be shared to their network of followers in order to make the information visible to a larger community, thereby increasing awareness.

This concept is significant to uphold the true nature of the Whaleshares ecosystem. Every reward, in effect, results in content sharing, an audit trail of rewards is then established and maintained for every user within his or her feed. Through this, users are rewarded by sharing contents that adds value to the community.

The Whaleshares community is also familiar with the concepts of tokenization powers offered by the Bitshares DAC. However, Whaleshares has they experts in the powers of MAS based chains. This knowledge increases their capabilities as they serve to work together under pressure in order to build value for the tokens they earn.

In total summary, Individuals who shares information and value within the
Whaleshares community are rewarded for sharing that value.

For more information, use the following links

Website: https://whaleshares.io

Whalepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jz1i2_qQzmgtX35GN-b2Hz38P9Jogzia/view?usp=drivesdk