Nice post!

I will keep watching your posts from now on.

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thanks for sharing friends, nice buildings and elegant colors @sardrt

thank you very much!

Perfect and beautiful pictures

Wow..amazing photography i appreciate your travel thanks for sharing this photo feed...

grazie mille

A great entry. There is something quite compelling about the design of these buildings. They look as though they are part of a science fiction film set, very futuristic.

Thanks, it's a place fantastic!

Beautiful building,,,, how amazing architecture,,, very exited to visiting that place,,,

thank you so much

amazing photos dear

many thanks for visiting my blog!

Amazing post.
I appreciate your contest .

Thanks for share...Resteemit..

Many thanks

Amazing photography

thank you so much

Wow..Amazing photography...Resteemit.

thank you very much!

Wow what an unusual building, thank you for sharing this!

Thanks, it's a place that I love so much. I want to come back.

Truly this is the embodiment of fantastic ideas in construction and architecture. I think this is the architecture of our future. It is so different from the usual forms of buildings today. Excellent photos only enhance beauty. Great choice!

many thanks for visiting my blog!

very interesting and looks beautiful atmosphere there @sardrt.

thank you very much!

You are welcome @sardrt.

WOW. an extraordinary design. :) As in another world .. Splendid, superb light and colors, congrats
:)I saw similar interesting architectural constructions in Batum :)
It is nice to know that they are really talented architects and designers. and you are a wonderful photographer :)

Oh, many thanks for your kind words!

Non conoscevo questa peculiare costruzione, davvero singolare ed insoluta, e molto sapientemente messa in risalto dalle tue ottime foto, stupenda quest'ultima con la lavanda in bella evidenza, bravissima!!

Another great post!

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Great Job

They are the symbols of Valencia..

I agree...fantastic!

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