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[EDIT (Dec.11/18) : For a more recent update of my witness picks please visit the following link: ]

Just finished a major overhaul of my witness votes. A big change was removing my votes from all team-like witness accounts.

It was not that the 'team' accounts weren't doing great work. They were/are. My concern is that this trend is taking the voting system of the blockchain and making it less representational and more 'run by committee'.

Witnesses could still support projects, as many do, and distribute rewards as they see fit; but if they ever make it to the sacred 20 my preference is one witness with one vote that answers directly to those who have voted for them.

Some other changes were made with my votes due to having become aware of others more deserving of a vote than those who had had it.

My witness choices, in alphabetical order, are as follows...

@aggroed : Currently actively ranked at 12th. Showing only 16 missed blocks, ever, speaks volumes for aggroed's technical abilities. Aggroed is a member of the sacred 20; those top 20 ranked witnesses who get for software changes.

My choice goes a bit further than that, in that we share other views of life and following his blog would be an activity of mime regardless of aggroed being a witness or not. 😎

@anyx : Actively ranked at the 11th position with 192 missed blocks. Anyx appears to be a competent server admin. They are also a member of the sacred 20. Those witnesses who get to vote for software changes.

What really warmed me to anyx is their @guard project which searches for phishing links and presents a warning, any time one is detected, by making a comment on the post. To me this shows a witness who cares a great deal for their community.

@arcange : This witness is actively ranked as the 53rd. Although not household words for your average user, this witness is the developer of the four impressive projects SteemSQL, SteemitBoard, and SteemToolbar.

A top 50 slot is the bare miimum reward this witness deserves in my opinion.

@asbear : This is a very humble witness. They weren't even mentioning in their profile that they were a witness. Although physically located in the UK, they seem to focus much of their work in the Korean community of the steem blockchain.

They are presently rated 55th on the active witness ranking and have not missed any blocks! Zero. Zip. The blockchain seems safe on asbear's watch.

A very competent witness in my.opinion.

@ausbitbank : This witness is one of the sacred 20. They get to vote if a fork in the software is to be excepted for production or not. Ausbitbank presently holds the 6th active witness ranking.

They seem to be a hard working witness.

"I'm here literally every single day, I'm in over 40 different discord servers and working with multiple communities to help grow our network." - @ausbitbank

@boatymcboatface : Presently 60th on the active witness ranking. In their almost 2 years of witnessing they have missed 238 blocks. Those are fairly dependable numbers.

A somewhat quiet witness which does not blow their own horn much. If you had an extra vote to help them get to the 50th+ rank it would be a nice reward for the dependability their node has given the blockchain.

And just to have used boatymcboatface as a user name! If you don't get it duckduck it. 😎

@charlieshrem : 52nd on the active witness ranking with 1169 missed blocks. Yeah those stats kinda suck... but that is not nessasarily Charlie's trump.card. He has a broad reach from which to promote steem. He has a nationally syndicated talk radio show which is heard on over 170 stations. The program is called "Free Talk Live".

My thought is that his admin skills are bound to get better. If he can get to the sacred 20 he could hire help. Rewarding.him with a vote should be good with the goal of raising steem's public profile.

@devcoin : Devcoin is one of the original alt coins. For full transparency my position as HR Admin in the Devcoin Project should be mentioned.

The devcoin account is being run by a devcoin admin in an experiment to merge mine Devcoin and Steem. It is a fairly specialty vote; yet if you have one to spare, even for a bit, it would be appreciated. 😎

@drakos : 26th on the active witness ranking with only 7 missing blocks in, by steem standards, a long witness career. He strikes me as an able Admin who's opinion in saught and opinions given on the Steem Chat's Witness channel frequently. It would make me feel better about the steem project to have drakos one of the top 20 ranked witnesses. It is that sacred 20 which get to vote on the software direction of the project.

@firepower : Rated 59th on the active witness ranking and having not missed a single block!!! Such dependability deserves a 50+ ranking in my opinion.

It goes much further than that with firepower's activity in the community with such projects as Admin, Steemfest Crew, Project Curie and SteemCleaners/RHW,!

This would be a good person to make decisions in the sacred 20 in my opinion.

@good-karma : 4th in the active witness ranking. Developer of eSteem, SteemMonitor, eSync, SteemFest and SteemAPI!

Not sure where he finds the time, but he has a pretty active blog. We're lucky to have him in my opinion. 😎

@gtg : gtg is the second ranked active witness with only 42 missed blocks! Considering how long they have been a witness speaks volumes for his Admining skills.

After days of reading through outdated guides with outdated links of where to download the blockchain, @gtg took the time to leave a link, in the comments of a frustrated post of mine, where he has the blockchain available for download.

A good top 20 choice in my opinion.

@helo : OK, the end of the 70's found me living in Montreal. Helo is from there. 😎

Helo is ranked 71 on the active witness listing and has only.missed 3 blocks!

He seems a good admin as well as a nice guy.

@jatinhota : It is my intention to try to support witmesses ftom different geographical areas. This physical decentralization should bode well for the blockchain.

That said, jatinhota is from India and does a lot of community work with users from there.

Jatinhota is a core member of #thealliance group and the founding member of the @IndiaUnitied Community.

Jatinhota is currently ranked 72nd in the active witness listing, with only 10 missed blocks.

@jerrybanfield : Jerry is ranked 19th on the active witness listing and has only missed 36 blocks in all his witness career!

Jerry is very active and has run some great, and costly, campaigns on YouTube and FB to bring new users to the steem blockchain before such ads were banned from those platforms.

As controversial as Jerry can be, he seems like he knows what is best for the platform and it is my feeling it would serve us all well that Jerry retains his place in the sacred 20; the top.20 ranked witnesses that get to vote on software changes to the project.

@liberosist : Liberosist is 48th in the active witness ranking and has only lost 12 blocks in their time as witness!!!

Liberosist seems to be a strong supporter of the @curie project.

@lukestokes.mhth : Ranked 14th on the active witness ranking with only 12 missed blocks in his time in that role.

Based in Germany, Luke explores his interests more in his non-witness account, @lukestokes.

@mahdiyari : Rated 82nd in the active witness ranking with only 1 missing block on record!

Mahdiyari is a Chemical and Software Engineer with SteemAuto and Steemfollower projects on his resumė.

@patrice : Ranked 43rd in the active witness ranking with a mere 4 blocks missing in their tenure.

Patrice is a member and supporter of @steemcleaners and @spaminator, two worthwhile projects.

@pfunk : Pfunk was probably the first witness that came to my attention from his activity in the Open Mic Contest/Project. My understanding is that it was that fan based which swept pfunk to the 21st position of the active witness ranking. One away from the sacred 20; those top 20 ranked witnesses which get to vote on software changes to the Steem Project.

A vote that could bring pfunk into the sacred 20 would be a worthwhile vote for this project, in my opinion.

@riverhead : Ranked 23rd on the active witness ranking list. Riverhead hosted for a year; passing that torch on to a new team recently. Also has been a witness for BitShares, Peerplays & MUSE.

Riverhead is not a prolific poster so it is only assumed that he has aquired a large voting base from his contacts on the many projects mentioned.

It would be nice to see him in the sacred 20; those top 20 ranked witnesses that get to vote on changes to the production software.

@someguy123 : Ranked 9th! Someguy123 is a well respected and active witness. They have worked as a developer on the Litecoin Project as well as a lot of third party development with STEEM.

If in doubt of who to vote for, this is a very safe vote in my opinion.

@steemitboard : While awaiting a reply to my question if steemitboard is a team/group witness account or an individual they still have my vote. This is because they are running the cool awards project that you have likely seen.

They are ranked 90th in the active witness listing with only 18 missing blocks. If they are an individual that server record will be enough for my vote.

@steemychicken1 : Rated 59th on the active witness list, steemychicken1 came to my attention while researching setting up witness nodes. They had published guides on their blog.

@stuwhisson : Sometimes we need to stir the pot or have someone stir it for us. Stuwhisson seemed like such a cause.

Ranked 129th (the last position) of the active witness listing and having missed 2425 blocks. they can only improve. 😎

He seems the true rebel, calling out those higher up the ranks about percieved wrongs.

For that voice of discontent vote for

@teamsteem : First saw teamsteem on the a dTube talk show. He seemed like a genuine guy. French Canadian perhaps?

Ranked at 29th on the active witness listing and having missed only 53 blocks, teamsteem seems a competent system admin.

@themarkymark : The 48th member of the active witness listing with only 19 missing blocks on his record.

The only disagreement we share seems to concern voting bots. Themarkymark feels they are here to stay. Software solutions are still available in my opiniin.

Other than that he has my full support.

@timcliff : Ranked 5th in the active witness listing with only 84 missing blocks, Tim is a very active witness who keeps a open line of communication with the community through his blog.

A fitting member of the sacred 20 in my opinion.

ura-soul : This is definitely the last but not least of my witness votes. Ranked 74th in the active witness list with a mere 3 missing blocks on their record. If that were not enough one needs only mention that ura-soul is the creator of steemocean dot com and Ureka dot org.

A cool and competent Witness!

Well that's my witness votes review. Your choices are yours, yet please vote!

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Very helpful post, thank you. Just came across it after the magic 7 day mark (this needs to be changed! Good content is good content and should be rewarded).


this needs to be changed!

Good point!

THIS is ahhhmazing! I am just learning about witnesses this week. thank you for this great compilation! will read on them all!!


Soo glad to hear of your engagement in the witness voting process, @earthmother!

@novacadian i would like to introduce you to my my post in my blog and join if u want.we can get closer in steemschools
Thank u


Steemschools looks like a very worthwhile project, @summisimeon! There is an old blog post of mine that talks about me not likely to make a name for myself on the steem blockchain with my prose alone. 😎

Thanks for your vote mate.

Thanks this post contains allot of useful info. I should probably vote for a few of these. I hope to also be a witness at some point if I can find a way to fund the server or servers.


Your witness aspirations is great news! The more new blood the better in my estimation.

You raised an interesting point with the team witnesses. Had me thinking. Thanks for sharing


Appreciate you dropping round!

Thank you :-)

someday you may want to explain all that too me.


Do you vote for government representatives? Imagining the steem blockchain as a nation, then the top 20 highest ranked witnesses are like its government representatives. They vote on changes to the software which interacts with the blockchain. If the software allows self voting or not would depend if it was greenlighted by the top 20 ranked witnesses for example.

Hope that clarifies things enough for you to start exercising your witness votes.


It is a good start and a most excellent explanation. I hope those top 20 are better than the asshole government representatives that we have....ooops.. maybe should not say that. However where do I go to start looking at that sort of stuff

  ·  last year (edited)

You can get a full listing of all active and inactive witnesses at:

Each witness will have a Witness Application. You will be taken to it by clicking on the blue chain link image to the right of their name.

Many witnesses give at least a monthly update jn their blogs on what they have been up to; some even more frequently than that.

My choices try to balance technical ability of running a witness server and how active they are on the platform. Projects that they may have developed also plays a factor.

The missed blocks mentioned for each witness in my post indicates, generally, the witness' technical ability. The blockchain runs smoothest with no missing blocks. So the less the better, generally.

Take your time. You need not vote all thirty at one time. Start with those that are known to you which you have a good feeling about. They can be changed any time, so every day is election day on the steem blockchain. 😎

P.S. The actual vote can be made at:


thank you so very much

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  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you so much for mentioning me and my work. Really appreciated!

There is a small error in your post as I'm currently at rank #53, not 51
I wish I get there soon ;)


Thanks for the correction. Hope to see you in the top 50 soon!

That was awesome and thorough! I still have half my votes and have been busy trying to research great witnesses. I wonder how many you mention have seed nodes. I'm about to do some research and give up those leftover votes. Thanks for posting!


Glad it may be helpful in you choices as voting in the right witnesses is an important task.

Can you tell me more about Devcoin?

  ·  last year (edited)

Devcoin (DVC) is one of the original alt coins. It is still mined on most merged mining farms.

Originally the mandate was to support open source programmers and offering program bounties.

The recent difficulties it faces is covered in the following old blog entry of mine....

We did with the wikipedia model what steem has done with the social media model; paying contributors for content.

The only problem was that Ad Sence did not want our content. The content developers crashed the price by cashing out while the admin had no revenue stream to support it.

We are regrouping.