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RE: If you Love STEEM, It's your "Civic Responsibility" to Vote for our Witnesses!

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If you would like to delegate Steem power in order to get daily upvote there are couple of options that you might consider and i will mention all the ones that i know:

  • One of the latest ones is delegating to @robiniaswap which is a Defi Project and you can find their site from the following link: Robinia. On the left side of the menu you can find Delegate and using this Defi you will get daily upvotes on your posts and as well RBS tokens. You will get votes from @robinia and few other alt accounts that they have. Personally i have not use it yet but i notice a lot of great feedback on Steemit about the project...

  • As well you can try @upvu (this is one of the delegation services that i have used in the past). It takes about 72 hours till the delegation is confirmed and you will start getting daily upvotes based of the amount of SP delegated. As well you will get daily rewards in TRX but for this you will have to login on their website and you can find it from the following link: Upvu. Once you log in on their website you can as well choose to receive UPVU tokens that will show as balance on Steem-Engine (this is optional and 1 STEEM = 1 UPVU token and it will act as 1 Steem delegated, so in the future if you will take your delegation out you will still received daily upvotes based on how much UPVU tokens you have in Steem-Engine balance)

  • If you want to keep your Steem Power undelegated but still get daily upvotes you can try as well the SBI Shares. I have send some to you and @kiwiscanfly couple of times and you can take a look at Day 331 and Day 284 of my Project. Basically if you send one Steem to @steembasicincome and in the memo you add a Steemit account, both you and the account mention get a share, and in a way it's a win-win situation. You can use the following command: !sbi status, and like this you can see how many shares you have and what is the vote that you will receive so you can figure out a bit how things are working)

  • In case you are not going to use Steemit for a while (periods longer then a month) you can take a look as well at @tipu. This is just in case you are not going to post at all for longer periods of time, because the service is just delivering daily rewards in Steem and SBD but it will not give you upvotes. Just to figure out the amount you will receive based on your delegation you can use the following command: @tipu profit 20000 SP
    You can change the amount of SP from the command according with the amount that you are interested, but again please take in consideration that this service is not going to give upvotes at all, just daily Steem and SBD rewards.

I think this will cover most of the main projects that we have, and i will suggest as well to vote as Witness for @upvu.witness, @earn.steem and @exnihilo.witness. All three they share daily for their voters and in your case you can get daily couple of extra Steem, and i hope more Witness will follow the same example in the near future.
If you have additional question please let me know and i will gladly answer...
Wish you a great week-end and always STEEM ON!


Hi @georgemales!

  • you have 62 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 92288645402 or 0.092 $
  • you need to wait until your upvote value (current value: 0.031 $) is above 0.033 $

Structure of your total SBI vote value:

  • 95.53 % has come from your subscription level
  • 0.00 % has come from your bonus units
  • 4.09 % has come from upvoting rewards
  • 0.38 % has come from new account bonus or extra value from pre-automation rewards

    Take Control! Include #sbi-skip in your text to have us skip any post or comment.

Yesterday 20000.0 STEEM POWER delegated or invested gave payout of:
0.758 SBD + 12.252 STEEM (9.95 USD), APR: 38.26% .

Delegation link: steemconnect 20000.0 SP delegation to @tipu.

Please note that your profit can be slightly different (depending on the payout time).

Check out to compare @tipU with other services.

Nice thanks for this, i will check some out

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