Let's Get the Steeming Facts Right! 2

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SOMEBODY with great influence and readership needs to halt the misinformation being published!

Incorrect facts are being innocently published by new authors and visiting reviewers, simply because old posts can't be edited and new ones aren't being written by knowledgible authors.

The obvious result of this is that new readers and authors arrive with misconceptions. When they try to check the misinformation that has been fed to them (assuming they bother to) they will need the investigational skills of @sherlockholmes to uncover the accurate, current facts.

My original post with same name gives examples. It seems to me that new users arriving to slowly discover that they've been misled by current posts about steemits OWN WEBSITE will have a hard job believing anything else they read here! The confusion is increased by the fact that outdated information - or more importantly, new posts and reviews on other sites based on outdated information -hasn't even been corrected in the comments section.

It would be great to see a thorough, clear explanation of how steemit works today given by a highly reputeable author. Inclusion of things like correct attribution for images, the attitude towards people asking for upvotes or followers, self-voting and copy-pasting of comments would be a kind addition too, perhaps in an etiquette type post. New users should not be blamed for following the now controversial advice given in high value posts!

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amen Elaine! I entirely agree, the devs are not putting enough emphasize on this issue. Keep mentioning it to the devs or people at higher up places 😀


Well thanks for your support Oodles. I was beginning to wonder if I was fussing over nothing. I posted this in the witness category, but unfortunately the ones in higher places seem to be as elusive as your imtroduction. 😁

I do agree Elaine, a post like you suggest, 'a thorough, clear explanation of how steemit works', would be valuable.

However, I also think that there is value in finding out how Steemit works yourself by using it.

Sometimes a 'potted guide' can inhibit usage as well as helping it.


True, you learn more by doing than reading... But its the current guides being incorrect I think is wrong. I'm thinking more of things like the question of interest on SBD, which is 0%, not 10% as is being said in current reviews and posts. And powering down, which takes a few weeks, not 2 years.

But maybe its me - I dont mind having to search for information, but having found it , I do mind not knowing if it is true or false!

Nyc and Always be Happy..!