Travel Pro's Blurt Talent Search! (100,000 BLURT delegation up for grabs!)

As many of you may already know, Blurt is the smallest of the three functioning blogging blockchains split from Steemit, to Hive, and Blurt. Being the smallest it's naturally the most volatile offering percent gains seemingly in the stratosphere. With less competition for top blogger, one can rise up quicker and easier; putting yourself in the drivers seat for some serious potential earnings correlated to price action and growth.

Blurt is by far the most fair of the three platforms as user can not be controlled by larger accounts and their down-votes. Blurt stands on strong footing built in code that is anti-censorship, and we encourage users to join Blurt to exercise their freedom of speech in ways that have been deemed unacceptable by Facebook, Twitter, and Hive.

All top twenty witnesses including myself come from a grass roots background. Together we stand adamant about never changing course from our pro free speech, non-downvote platform which has made us a viable competitor in the first place. With some new and well organized management Blurt is currently preparing and positioning itself for the up coming crypto bull market and we would love for you to be a part of that.

Now with no further ado......

Travel Pro's Blurt Talent Search!

What can you do for Blurt? Explain in the comments below and a 100,000 Blurt one month delegation goes to the winner; chosen by me, influenced by your upvotes in the comments. May the best Blurter win!



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