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RE: Teach the controversy: Softfork 0.22.2 // Stop and Correct // Potential futures

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I care about the blockchain, but frankly I could care less about that stake.

He can use it or not in my opinion.

Here is a post of the conversation during and through the Mining...

While they do say they will use the tokens to build at one point, they also state they do not even promise to support the project at all. In fact... they say many things.

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Couldn't care less... Such a pet peeve.. It's not could care less...

I mean, I think it's possible she could care less. That's a statement regarding her relative amount of care. But if she wanted to express her maximum personal limitation of not caring then couldn't care less does seem more appropriate.

Dork, but much appreciated because I always F that up.

....the most important point in this comment section, imo.

"there are no worker proposals nor major changes to the protocol which should take much of the politics out of the coin." ...and OP wants to dump their stake into SPS, yikes.

It was long since recognized, including by Ned, that the dropping of worker proposals (aka SPS) in the original design was a mistake. It was Ned/Steemit who paid for the development of the SPS, one of the relatively few productive things they actually did with the funds they got from the ninja-mined stake.

I see you dropped your witness ? You were basically the only voice of reason running a server

I'm looking forward to an eventual accounting of what the SPS has paid out and what the community has received in return.