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RE: How to deploy a Steem Witness node by Docker?

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Hello @ety001
I've been looking for the latest instructions for days. There are many, but not up to date. I'll try to create a seed node with your tutorial as soon as I've downloded. Unfortunately, the download rate is very low. Would it be possible to send the data quickly? if so, I would be very happy.
Thank you for the great guide, I hope it works.
I had no success with someguy's steem-docker, it hangs when replaying.


Since I'm using a cheap big storage vps, there's nothing I can do to increase my VPS network speed.
I think you can buy a cheap VPS located in US West as a transfer proxy to download.

Hello @ety001 dear friend
I would first like to thank you for the great tutorial.
FullNode works.
I tested function here
I would also like to thank @steem-supporter his tutorial just helped me so much -0-23-1-with-mira
A big thank you and @steem-supporter

Now I will test for a week



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