Steem Price Feed (feat. easy 1 click install)

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Hello Steemians!

Today I'd like to present to you a small addition to Steem ecosystem which should help reduce the amount of stale price feeds - STEEM/SBD price feed for Steem Witnesses designed to run on Heroku.

In order to quickly and effortlessly deploy your own witness price feed click the button below and follow the on-screen instructions inside the Heroku setup wizard:

Once inside the setup wizard, you will be able to customize the app's environment variables, set your witness username and active key.


Please note - the application utilizes one 7$/month Hobby dyno by default which will run as a worker process 24/7/30, you can change this setting once the application is deployed via Heroku's user interface.

More information

Stale Price Feeds

A number of active witnesses within the top 100 currently have a stale price feed, I hope this tool is simple enough so you guys can use it and fix your feed issues: @smooth.witness, @lukestokes.mhth, @followbtcnews, @yabapmatt, @bhuz, @busy.witness, @netuoso, @aizensou, @nextgencrypto, @klye, @steemed, @dragosroua, @complexring, @cryptopassion, @qurator, @bue

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Thank you!

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Looks great.

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Thank you


Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler!

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price feeds really only matter in top20. not really top100


Maybe not top 100. But in case of top 20 outage, back-up witnesses in the top X should be ready and running an equally capable setup. Also you never know when @pumpkin will shell out a vote ;)


pumpkin most definitely wont move someone from top 100 to anywhere near top 20.

running an equally capable setup? at rank 30 i make maybe $35 a day right now with my witness. assuming 100% uptime and no lost votes, thats $12k a year. how many redundant 64-128GB servers with decent processors and network I/O do you suppose that could afford?

its not unreasonable to run a price feed outside top 20. but its also hardly required. perhaps you want to lose hundreds of dollars a month running multiple backups to have an "equally capable" system that the top 20 are expected to hold, but i wont.

Ain't you scared to share your active key like that?


Active key is stored in a secure way on Heroku's side and made available to the application via environment variables. You can read here about the security systems and processes that Heroku employs to make it one of the safest environments for hosting production apps:

Greetings! I voted for you as a witness! I hope I supported you! Greetings from Venezuela! Note forget this noble helper jejeje!! blessings! @upheaver


Thank you very much!

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I'm looking forward for this.