Another "going manual" curation post | Votes for ORGANDUO and GIPHY tokens closing in 48 hours

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Just like sheep, we're following suit with everyone else and turning off the voting bots for @organduo.voter and @giphy. Whilst the votes were not huge (10k+ SP, 6k+ SP respectively), we'd still like to be in line with #newsteem and not fly under the radar as a "vote selling service". We started the voting bots pre HF21 as a way to give the ORGANDUO and GIPHY tokens some utility. Don't freak out! Those of you that hold miners and delegations will still receive your daily payouts and we're still thinking of a new utility for the tokens.

Over the past few weeks, we've already silently rolled out manual curation for @giphy!

@giphy curators: @amico, @traciyork, @kharma.scribbles

Untersatz will be our master curation account

The delegation for @organduo.voter has been removed and has now been moved to @untersatz. @untersatz also has staked SE tokens.


Current rewards for delegators

  • Delegations to @giphy continue to receive daily GIPHY tokens plus daily upvotes based on below:
Delegation amountDaily upvote
< 99 SP10%
100 SP - 249 SP20%
250 SP - 499 SP30%
500 SP - 749 SP40%
750 SP - 999 SP50%
1000+ SP75%
Delegation amountDaily upvote
50 - 100 SP10%
101 - 250 SP15%
251 - 500 SP20%
501 - 1000 SP30%
1000 - 2500 SP35%
2500 - 5000 SP40%
5000+ SP50%

Untersatz manual curators

Currently @contrabourdon, @organduo and @drugelis will be on the lookout to curate some great content on Steem. You can also add the tag #untersatz to your posts, to flag your content for curation. We'll browse the tag from time-to-time to see the great content you are producing!

This is what our manual curation looks like:


PS. Another reminder that the voting service for @organduo.voter and @giphy will be stopped in 48 hours. Any tokens sent after this time for upvotes will not work and the tokens not refunded.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. We're looking forward to the curation game!

Vote for untersatz as witness!


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Nice! I will lookout for good content on Steem and curate it

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Woah woah woahh!!

No more voting service for @giphy? So then what is the utility use of GIPHY tokens? Without a useful use case, tokens become, useless ;_;


giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

!giphy sheep

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

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