ummm I have been of the mind that a ST.INC Power-Down would lead to more steem in the hands of the many, it has been criticized by nearly all the new fish that it is too centralized, and therefore no different than any traditional system.

They have said they do not intend to sell it any more quickly. Therefore, either: a) there is no benefit to be gained in terms of distributing the stake, or b) they are lying and will sell more of it.

The costs of this action to the ecosystem in terms of lack of transparency and security and scrutiny of the dangerous block of concentrated stake will be incurred without any offsetting benefit in distributing it.

Thanks for the additional info, that helps. Do we know the rate of sale now??? They would need more Liquid steem to increase that rate of sales, which would not necessarily be a bad thing in a rising market. I have increased my relatively small stake +20% in Dec. due to the low prices :)

The stated rate of sale is 800K STEEM/month. There is no sort of audit or anything so we are mostly taking their word.

42.5 months to blow all that out...

As mentioned below in another reply: Once it is off the chain we don't know if it will be re-introduced under a myriad of anon accounts with collective undue influence, or just kept on the exchange to be powered up at a moment's notice. That is the transparent nature of the exchanges, is you don't know if the funds are going to be sold or kept for future power play on the community.

It is all pretty much trackable anyway, and even if it was not it's easy to see coordinated efforts by "anon accounts" doing things. That one chick who has dozens of flagging accounts with no real VP was figured out pretty quickly...

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