Today on Lucksacks - Sept 11th - FollowBTCNews 5 SBD Freeroll, Updates and News.

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9/11 Freerolls, Updates, and More from the
Steem Poker Leagues.

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The FollowBTCNews 5 SBD Freeroll is happening today. Make sure that you play, and support our sponsors!

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Updates, News, and Notes

  • Be sure to check out the post about donating here or go directly to the blog page at Lucksacks for donating and getting your Lucksacks Tokens

  • Steemfest Ticket Finale - 9/15! Win a trip to Steemfest. Sponsored by @anomadsoul and @blocktrades.

  • Jump in and play the new Lucksack Token KO Tourneys happening every two hours

  • Get into the 50 SBD Satellite Games... and win your way into the 50 SBD Game.

  • Also check out the BRO Sports 20 Satellite and the Micro KO Tourney too. Feel free to hop in on a game or two! :-D

  • Vote for @adsactly-witness and @followbtcnews witnesses below when ya get a minute, show your support for our sponsors!

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Todays Freerolls: Tuesday, Sept 11th

  • 3:00 AM CDT: SPL @philippekiene 2 SBD Tue Tooth Fairy Freeroll
  • 12:00 PM CDT: SPL .20 SBD HORSE WTA Freeroll (16 Players Max)
  • 1:00 PM CDT: SPL 1 SBD Horse with Hoodish Freeroll
  • 3:00 PM CDT: SPL Tuesday @followbtcnews 5 SBD Freeroll

Tomorrows Freerolls: Wednesday, Sept 12th

  • 12:00 PM CDT: SPL .20 SBD HORSE WTA Freeroll (16 Players Max)
  • 3:00 PM CDT: SPL Wednesday @followbtcnews 5 SBD Freeroll
  • 4:00 PM CDT: SPL @pcste 10 SBD Freeroll
  • 7:00 PM CDT: Weekly 50 SCR Freeroll

Also, join ongoing Sit &Goís and tournaments throughout the day. To find out when these tournaments are happening in your time zone, use this time zone converter.

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Yesterdays Winners: Monday, Sept 10th

SPL .20 SBD HORSE WTA Freeroll - @celsius100

No image for this one, but a big congrats to @celsius100 on wta .2 chips.

SPL Monday @followbtcnews 5 Freeroll - @homesteadlt

No image for this one, but a big congrats to @homesteadlt!

Tourney Prize Winners

  1. tadas: 1.80 chips
  2. lebekons: 1.15 chips
  3. wisher: 0.75 chips
  4. thethinker: 0.50 chips
  5. four20: 0.35 chips
  6. angelgarz: 0.30 chips
  7. nuanced: 0.05 chips
  8. coinbelly: 0.05 chips
  9. chops316: 0.05 chips

SPL Adsactly 20 SBD Weekly Freeroll - @futurethinker

Fian hand, @generausd goes all in with 10 8o and thethinker calls with 8 Js and brings home the win with a pair of J's. Congrats @futurethinker!

Tourney Prize Winners

  1. thethinker: 9.00 chips
  2. generausd: 4.50 chips
  3. hoodish: 3.40 chips
  4. papeti: 2.00 chips

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Join Lucksacks today to play!



  1. Have a Steemit Rep of 35 or More, be a Good Steemian and Not A Scammer or a Sockpuppet OR a Script Kiddie!
  2. Register at!
  3. Join our discord server and DM me, @bethalea to join Lucksacks!
  4. Play!
  5. Win SBD's!
  6. Enjoy Fame and Fortune! (this is not guaranteed, just a hope from us to you!)

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Please comment and/or trash talk below... and hit that upvote button! A resteem would be kindly appreciated as well.

Don't forget... Show some Luv to the Witnesses, Sponsors and Tournament Hosts!

See you all at the tables - @inthenow

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Thanks @spl! Was a fun tournament!