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following my introduction on Steemit and at the same time my application as a so-called witness on Steem.

My name is Andreas and I am into computer and security since the end of my university years. That is why I advise local companies and entrepreneurs in these matters and also give lectures on the various topics.

It turned out quite quickly that the problem was usually sitting in front of the monitor. :-)

The strategy for avoiding these problems has always been the same. No, not shooting the victim in front of the monitor. This proposal came later. :-) This is why a few colleagues and I - in 2007 - decided to combine the "most common" knowledge in a kind of database.

The written is dead - seeing is in. Therefore the tips and tricks were done in video-form. And in September 2007 went online.

The orientation of the videos has changed quickly. Via some detours we landed on YouTube in January 2008. However, the local target group was not very interested in dry instructions that were as sexy as house dust. Rather, upbeat and entertaining videos, the so-called infotainment, were in demand. Or as we call it internally: Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. But we don't get sex here - because my colleagues are ugly like the night, we can't sing either... we have only one thing left to do.

SemperVideo has been on YouTube for more then 10 years now and is in its field of computer videos in the German-speaking area, the largest channel on YouTube.

In January 2018 I learned about Steemit and D.Tube and was instantly flashed by the concept.

Video creators and viewers/users are involved in the platform via a crypto currency. This creates completely new dynamics that YouTube can only dream of. As already mentioned in a video by me; an individual's success on Steemit/D.Tube is of no use if the entire community is unsuccessful. 700 thumbs up accumulate in two steem dollars. But this will change when you get involved in the new laws of the market and start to shape them.

A few days ago I was approached by an admin on the platform, regarding the topic of steem witness.

Witnesses provide an important task on the blockchain. And as already mentioned in another video, it is of enormous importance for the stability of the blockchain that it stands on many different legs. So many Witnesses.

Since the German-speaking community on Steem is not yet very large, there are not many german witnesses at the moment.

Let's get to the technicals. As a wittness you currently need a 64 GB dedicated server. A so called virtual server will not do. This of course costs a lot of money each month.

In return you get approximately 30 steem per month. Of course it would be cheaper to just by the 30 steem per month and be done with it. But then you would not support the blockchain.

So let the fun beginn and I will keep you posted. But in order to do it, I need your vote as a widness.

Each participant on Steem/Steemit has 30 votes available.

So please delegate one vote of it to me.

Just click on the following link and confirm accordingly.

Thank you very much for your support.

A ranking of all witnesses can be viewed at




Nicely written. Here's hoping you reach a nice amount more people using semperenglish.
P.S.: You have my support.

My full support and vote for semper witness ;)

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