My Witness Update #2 💡

in witness •  11 months ago

Hey everyone!

First off, I wanted to thank you all for your tremendous support! I just recently reached over 100 GVests from all the voters influence.

I wanted to do a quick update and then include most of the projects and future ideas I want to work on. Below you can see my current witness position and my received vests etc.

Witness Info

Server Info

My server is still going strong as you can see:

And this is the price feed:

Future Work And Projects

  • Adding Twitter and Steemit account to support the WCA initiative
  • Delegating and supporting charity projects like @childfund @treeplanter and @haveaheart
  • Evolving Steemers to a much bigger project with a curation trail and more
  • Witness Verification - a sub project within WCA for verifying witnesses as real people
  • Witness Interviews - I'd love to work with some other people to get a consistent interview schedule going with witnesses on a weekly basis.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly poll or survey with pressing topics to discuss and or vote an opinion or sentiment towards it which will then be delivered on this discord (included in witness report)
  • Onboarding brands, corporations etc. (Requires reporting and analytical tools and services)
  • Correcting Steemit tag use - Tags should be used to inform, not for upvotes. So, I believe that we should follow suit with blogger, wordpress and medium and allow more tags used to allow for branded hashtags as well as informational, niche, and categorical tags for indexing.
  • Originally I shared "The Downvote Proposal" as a point of my political views and personal values, but with enough support we could turn this into a full on movement. I think we need a downvote that doesn't affect reputation and or a way to fix flag abuse.
  • Bot Limits - we need bot limits on how much you can upvote per bot. It makes sense to have like a 5 SBD limit to at least deter people from massive self promotional bids and make it more of a nuisance to do so.
    (I'm not fully against or for bots, I understand how they are bad and I understand how they help minnows, but the profit and the distribution of the profit seems poorly representative of what Steemit tries to be. Don't get me wrong I boosted this post by 10 SBD, but I wouldn't have an issue with 2 5 SBD posts. Someone boosting their post by 1000 might be at least deterred a bit by that. In an ideal world whales would better regulate low quality posts and spam, but this is easier and more realistic to ask for)
  • Removing inactive votes (I hear this is planned soon, but not sure so I'm including it)
  • Minnow Representation - not sure what I will do here, but I plan to help more minnows find ways to get noticed and break the minnow ceiling earlier if their content is quality.


Every Steemit Post I Do A Giveaway

Every time I post on Steemit, I select 1 random winner from the upvotes, resteems, and comments totaling 3 winners and give them 0.01 SBD each and announce it on the next post! I also send out 0.001 monthly to my followers! I use by @snackaholic

The winners from the last post I made here:


Note that once I’ve posted a new post the contest is over and this could be subject to any amount of time up to but not longer than 7 days

Affiliate Links

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We have lists of other servers, upvote bots, promo, discussion, contests, faucets, and everything you can think of!

Social Media And Contact Info

🙌 You can also follow me on:
Twitter -
Facebook -
Instagram -
LinkedIn -
Steemit -
Discord - ScottCBusiness#5242
Minds -

Witnessing On $STEEM

If you believe in me as a witness kindly vote for me by going to and voting for me at the bottom by typing in my username ‘scottcbusiness’ or click on the link below

Vote for @scottcbusiness

Click the above text to vote for me!

Witness Communications Assembly

An initiative to improve transparency, communications, and overall trust between witnesses and the rest of the community. To start it is a discord server, but we aim to build something much bigger moving forward.

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Hey man, finally caught up with you. Thanks for showing me some love during the holidays. I went thru many of your post and returned the favor with upvotes. Thanks again, take it easy man.


I appreciate that ans I'm glad it made an impact

Hi, Scott. Just passed to read what your proposals as a witness are. Glad I did it. I definitely like what I found and voted you as a witness. Cheers.


Thanks so much for your support!

Hi Scott. I’m just 71 days old here at Steemit and I’m not sure if this is an appropriate way to ask a question, but I think the topic might just help someone else. I’m trying to learn this Steemit thing, so while clicking around I found the part about what witnesses I voted for. Now I know I voted for you, but you’re not listed. So I went to Steemd, your still not listed. Then I went to the list of supporters you have provided, and there I am. I voted a while back, so I don’t think it’s a lag issue. So to get to the question, actually two, can you confirm that I indeed cast a vote for you? (as a rookie, nothing is more frustrating than not counting) And is there a bug that will allow me to vote for 31 witnesses?4CFC0740-6FA7-411D-94E9-CC632DA2EFB3.jpeg
BTW thanks for all you do. Thought I was busy.


Yeah so basically you'd go and type my name 'scottcbusiness' in the vote field on or go here:

If you use SteemPlus it shows who you have voted for. I don't think there is a bug that lets you vote for more, you are only voting for 3 at the moment though.

Use this link to vote for me :)


Done. And you are now my 4th witness. Not sure what happened. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


Awesome thanks so much for your support :)

I like you to be a witness @scottcbusiness. Thanks my friend


Thanks so much for your support!


Thanks my friend

How do you find time for anything else my dear friend? That's a lot of projects. And I'm glad that you at least put out something saying what you're doing. A lot of witnesses don't do that. Never give Give up all of your hard work and remember any one man can change the world.


Exactly! And yeah that's the whole point of my witness communications assembly project :) Yeah these are all ideas, projects, and values I hold and will be working towards. I really hope this time next year a lot of these will be solidly setup

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I vote for you


I'll look out for it :)

thanks for sending SBD on my account. :)

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i finally managed to vote for you, sorry that I seldom stopping by


I see that! Thanks :)

Продолжаю следить за вашими нововведениями.


Спасибо, ваша поддержка всегда ценится!

Good job.

hey scott, I used your referral and registered for that but for the last step verified my phone number. Please provide a valid mobile number. I tried a couple my phone numbers none of them are working. do you have this experience?


I'm sorry you had that issue :/ I didn't have this issue. If you really want to sign up you can always use this service

Thanks for the SBD, please update us regularly on the progress and we will be happy to participate or help up... keep up with the good work~!


Thanks so much! I can use all the help I can get to afford the server and stuff :D

good job, @scottcbusiness! keep going, I'm happy to support you.

✨Congratulation✨ on your great work and keep it up :) 🙂👌 👍

I think you should consider @youarehope as a charitable candidate. Its run by @sircork who's also a witness.

I agree about a downvote system that doesn't harm reputation.


For sure will delegate some starting power to it and then build from there