Vote @holger80 for Witness!

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Vote @holger80 for Witness!


Vote @holger80 for Witness!

What makes a Steem Witness, a Top Steem Witness?
Answering this question is - of course - subjective. For me, the following aspects apply:

A Top Steem Witness ... :

  • runs an active & up-to-date node, as a bare minimum requirement;
  • engages actively with the community;
  • is skilled technically;
  • understands the Steem Blockchain on multiple layers of interest;
  • adds value to the Steem Blockchain & Ecosystem.

Meet & Vote for @holger80: arguably the most under-valued Steem Witness "Gem"

@holger80, at the time of writing this post, is ranked #89 on the WitnessRank at an approval rate of (now) 5,135 MV (1.29% of total); ref.


Come on people, that is not a fair rank for him! @holger80 deserves a MUCH HIGHER Witness appreciation, so please meet & vote for @holger80, and here's why:

  • @holger80 is the core developer of Beem: a highly advanced Python library to interact with the Steem Blockchain. For those who don't know about it: Beem is the code on which many dApps are built on to use & interact with the blockchain. You could therefore say that if it wasn't for @holger80 and his tireless efforts to keep Beem fully uptodate, highly advanced, and completely (backward) compatible, then Steem would not be what it is today. And @holger80 does all his work for FREE. Also look at the Beem Documentation @holger80 wrote: can anybody show me an even more professional documentation on another project? Hats Off to @holger80!

  • @holger80 is also my colleague on UA @steem-ua: he's been a tremendous help on developing & running UA & the @steem-ua algorithmic curation program using UA data.

  • @holger80 also developed Steem Witness Tools, an Open Source repository including scripts, tools and documentation for other witnesses. He is helping other witnesses to make their technical tasks easier, from which everybody on the blockchain benefits. And again: he did that free-of-charge.

  • @holger80 has developed During and right after the HF20 HardFork, nobody knew exactly what are the Resource Credits (RC) Costs for specific individual Blockchain Operations. I asked a few Top Witnesses myself, for example "how many daily comments will a 10 SP Plankton account be able to broadcast?". Nobody knew..... But @holger80 to the rescue! He wrote the code able to accurately compute current Resource Costs, providing info nobody knew before. You can simply visit now, look up your own account for example, and see exactly what you can do right now!

Concluding: Vote for @holger80 as Witness!!!

@holger80 may not be "loud" enough to stand out from the crowd. He may not be the best "Self-Promotor". So let me vouch for @holger80 then:

^^^ Please show @holger80 your appreciation! He deserves it, a lot, and every vote counts!

Thanks for your time!


Sounds like a solid member of the Steem community. I've got a few witness spots left, seems like @holger80 deserves a vote

If anybody deserves a witness vote, really, anybody... @holger80 is it.

Good stuff, gave him a vote, not much SP, but every bit counts

That is 100% correct!

Yeah, @holger80 is a good one.. already promoted him through the german community! Keep on @holger80!

@holger80 is by far the most under-valued witness. No other non-consensus Witness has done more for Steem as he did, for free.

Yep, thats why he is on my witness list ;)

Hey you convinced me :) Despite I am
Plankton, @holger80 has my vote. I hope my small support will help :)

I'm 100% sure that @holger80 appreciates your vote! And the more SP your account will hold, the stronger your support to holger's witness becomes! Steem on!

totally agree @scipio @holger80 is a silent but outstanding witness, he's dedicated, and continually looking for ways to help improve the Steem ecosystem, in my opinion, he should definitely be in the top 50 Witness so he can have access funds to run full nodes and also engage and influece other developers on Steem, awesome witnesses like hoggy is how we blow up Steem with more cool daps and usability!

it's great to see other Steemians stepping up to promote hidden gems witnesses like hoggy, well done Scipio!

100% agree - Holger does an amazing job with beem. I just rewrote the @travelfeed bot and again I was amazed how well beem works and how good the documentation is, especially compared to other libraries such as steem-js. The new @travelfeed bot would not have been possible without beem, we just voted for @holger80 with @travelfeed - he has had the vote from my personal account ever since he launched his witness.

What a coincidence, today I have released one witness slot and I was wondering who to vote and I voted for @holger80, because I really like the value he brings to Steem ecosystem (beem, etc).

I've considered the candidacy . I have now cast my vote for @holger80. I hope this will help us all move in the right direction.

Solid choice!

👍have added @holger80 to my list

I like what you are doing for the Town! - My vote for him.

That's the spirit! Holger! Holger!

Done! I have voted.

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I think all of us are glued to beempy these days.

Thanks for writting post to promote @holger80 because of your post I read details of steem witness...!!
Voted @holger80 and also resteeming your article...!!
Thanks for writting post @scipio

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On the way to do it! I had heard his name bandied around, but I didn't know he had done so much development! It is the quiet ones that just get their head down and do stuff that we need... not the show-boaters!

OK you convinced me to vote for @holger80 as my 29th witness. I noticed him after HF20 but didn't even know he was a witness. But I already had a good impression on the guy.

hm, the beem guy grin.png

balance is a nice thing , at least as many factions as in a sid meyer alpha centauri game is always a good idea, and i can't say i'm not slightly more prone to "technical" witnesses than i would be to others, so ...

I like the way you are promoting @holger80 , consider my vote for @holger80 , I really appreciate his efforts for serving the community.
And thanks to @scipio

Thank you as well!

already have

you better live up to your effort-makes-reward promise

i only vote with my main account

on witnesses

with the numbers you're dealing with you should know why

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