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RE: 19.2 Update + New Backup Server + SteemJ Progress! Witness Update #2!

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Thank You Jerry for sharing Your Witness list because You've done the research that many of us may not have the time to do...

AND, Yes IF You haven't already Voted 4 @JerryBanfield as a Witness, please consider doing so.

ALSO, Thank You 4 voting 4 TeamSTEEM... a personal favorite for many different reasons... Perhaps this is because he REALLY works hard, which is easy to observe by just looking at many of his Posts... his Posts ( he spends between 8-14 hours per post) are Always Full of helpful information WITH the appropriate, corresponding Links

...AND he has been doing this for OVER 16 months... many of the newly risen Top 40 Witnesses are relatively NEW to Steemit.

ALSO, I truly know that BOTH @JerryBanfield & @TeamSteem are FULLY committed to making Steem The Best That it Can Be...

Please consider writing in TeamSteem name just under the 50th Witness with the link below:

Respectfully Requested, Sacred-Agent

Cheers !!


@teamsteem has helped me a lot here which is why he was one of my first witness votes also and I am grateful he is one of my top witness voters!

I really appreciate what both of you did for me and for the success of Steem! Thank you guys! I mean it!

Right on spot @sacred-agent. I simply love @teamsteem, his comments and posts are always so charming making him one of the first witnesses I ever voted for.

And Jerry I do not even have to mention your greatness, you are a wizard!

Thank you for Being!


Wholeheartedly agree. Team-Steem is one of my most diligent supporters, and a great poster.

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