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I have put my money where my mouth is. I delegated myself over 19,000 Steempower in order to help those, who help others, who also help me... A cyclic effort, to boost the Filipino presence on Steemit.

With this delegation, I will be able to give back to this community, and inspire confidence and quality here on Steemit within the blooming Filipino numbers we have been seeing lately.


I will also be using Steemvoter, to maximize curation. By manually upvoting posts, I will miss a lot of good ones... And sometimes I won't realize-Or be sleeping when my voting power is at 100%

So, to ensure I am helping the correct people... I ask a simple favor, if you believe in me. And trust that I will be a good witness who will help you... Please, cast your vote for me as a witness.

Step 1; open this link- https://steemit.com/~witnesses

Step 2; type my name rcarter.witness and click on vote :D


By voting for me as a witness, (Only if you want to help me, help the community), I will add your name to my autovoter to ensure I do not miss your posts. Since my delegation puts me in the top #500 users of Steemit, this is a good upvote.

Boosting morale, is crucial to the longevity of Steemit.

Stay focused. Quality>Quantity. Reinvest in yourself!



Robert thank you very much for your upvotes on my posts which is how I ended up here today!

I appreciate your service getting started as a witness and I just voted you up now! You are in the top 100 now and I hope you will have your first block soon!

I really appreciate that Jerry. I just noticed that my delegation account didn't have you for a witness, but I changed that.

And appreciate your latest commitment to help with advertisement.


Thank you Rob!

I am also cross checking voters vs. followers. Please follow me to stay aware of upcoming contests, and events

(Upvoted for views)


M interested follow you

Thats fair enough @rcarter.witness. I will support you and your great mission on steemit world to be one of the witness. I already voted your name in witness thread. Resteemed, followed and upped :)

Good luck buddy, may the force be with you! @rcarter.witness

I appreciate it. And if ever, a witness isn't doing much... It is as easy to pull a vote.


Yup, i agree. But i trust you that you will do great thing as one of the witness :)

Thank you for the initiative and helping Filipino steemit community. I promised to vote you as my witness once I get back with my laptop. For now I resteem this post to backtrack rcarter.witness and vote. Once again thank you.

Thanks a lot. No worries ;)


I see you voted for me, then it pulled off. I think it may have been a double click because now it shows no vote.



gorabels!! rock n roll!
I'm excited for you!
I voted for you, will friends to vote too!

Thanks again :) Already got you on there. A little birdie told me that we will soon all see @purepinay back in the swing of things. She has another investment coming in, to buy herself more Steem ;)


Thanks so much Rob! Tell her @purepinay, I miss her so much:(:(
@purepinay we are going to Mars !! Come back soon!

Ok Rob, best of luck! We will support you!
Rock n Roll!!! Gorabales lang hehe

uyy @sunnylife sama niyo ako sa Mars hahaha

Hey @emonemolover,

Just friendly advice, you should let your voting power come back to 100%, and don't let it drop below 80% in one single day. Each hour, VP regenerates 0.6%... But, by letting it drop to 30% as you have it now, you wont be able to maximize your curation potential. Just an idea... Thanks for the upvote though, I do appreciate it!


OMG 30% nalang? Didn't visit yet my steemnowcom coz I just using my phone. I forgot, I was just upvote and upvote lol... I'll stop upvoting now until it's 100% again. hehe. Thank you Rob.

Sure :)

Charity starts at home... The more you make, the more you can give!



@purepinay Gilaine told me about this before! hehe. How long it takes before power come back to 100% again? ;)

I think i'm getting addict to upvote! hehe I'm enjoying the percentage I give. Lol

kasama ka don, kau no bonjovey hahah. tagal naman kz ni @purepinay:)
kelan ba sya babalik?

babalik na yun very soon hehe nag iipon lang yun siya nag lakas niya para sa steem power! more power! :D

cge antayin n lang natin hehe:) ako meron power!
Kili kili Power!!!! hahaha bongga!

Hahaha magiging power rangers na tayo niyannnn! xD

followed you and upvoted best of luck and great work buddy :) its good to help others and build this community more stronger :)

Thank you for the kind words, sir. I appreciate the sentiment.


Upvoted and Voted for you. Good luck!

Thanks for your support, noted and added you to my list of supporters.


Will surely vote you as witness. Keep it coming sir! Good day!

I appreciate the help :)


You're welcome Rob :)

Hi Rob, you are my third witness and thanks for being there for us Filipinos, cheers and all the best! :)


Thanks, Rex.

I appreciate your vote.

Great photos... What camera and lens do you use? I am looking for one, for my gf.


You're welcome. I am using a Panasonic Lumix ZS110 or ZS100, it's like a bridge camera it has 10x optical zoom and macro also it has 4k and a 1" sensor, it can easily fit in my pocket too. Been using it for some time already and I love it. Cheers!

I will do it. Kindly talk to @surpassinggoogle to add you as he is my proxy. Kindly do

Thanks and looking forward for those contests and events. Hope someday there will be an event near Manila. :)

I think @teamphilippines handles a lot of events on that side of the water, if you ever want to be part of their events, I think Hayley is the one to contact. Not sure of her username :(


Hey there @zararina. Good thing we have an event in Manila :)

That's right! :D

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Very cool...I would like to see more Steemit users here in the Philippines too.
I am following you now.

Steemit users don't usually come organically. You have to spread the word, and teach your friends and family. Here is another Filisteemian from CDO. You both should meet, collaborate and start a group together.



I loVe dOlfInN tHaNx fOr sHaRiNg uPvoTe

You'll do great things for sure. Thanks for the help by the way. I really don't know how to thank you but I'm giving my best to pay-it-forward. Hope you will succeed so you can do and create greater things.

You don't have to thank me, or anyone else. We all use Steemit, to help ourselves first... Others second. Charity starts at home, so the more you reinvest in yourself, the more you earn, and the more you are able to pay it forward :)



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Wishing you the best @rcarter.witness I popped over to vote you up!
Please checkout my project as well @spotlight -- All the best !

done and done. hey rc! :)

Another Filipino supporter! Hey we have upcoming event in Manila if you'd like to come to introduce yourself as a witness and what's your plan being a witness. . https://steemit.com/steemph/@grazz/are-you-ready-for-the-steemph-year-ender

Thanks, I saw that!

I have a lot of things going on, Thailand, Spain, USA.... All in the next few months, but do plan on visiting Manila in the future.

If I can't attend, I am excited to see how the event turns out!


new information, thank so much

Keep rocking it man! Expect support all the way.

Voted you as witness! Thanks for the support for Filipinos :)

Voted for you as a witness my friend @rcarter.witness, I wish you the best of luck, you'll get there!! :D

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