Today I am Happy to Introduce My Witness Campaign for MUSE

in witness •  last year

The MUSE blockchain

based on the graphene 2.0 library successfully minted and selected its genesis block and is now in production mode.

Read more about MUSE

Along those lines I am happy to add my hat to the ranks of witnesses helping secure the MUSE blockchain this will be my second witness campaign both of which will now be ongoing.

Muse Witness Box Specs (Virtual)

2Cores 3.2Ghz 4Gig of Ram Scale able to double those specs.

If you are a MUSE holder please consider voting for me as witness. ---Johnstor5---

Thank you for your time and attention.


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@Artsygoddess showed me your post. I have some questions :)

So is Muse only used for paying royalties? Or do you earn MUSE by posting videos or audio of your work? And if you are getting paid royalties, how does a company or person go about doing that? Do they have to buy bitcoin first and convert? Sorry, so many questions LOL!


So for muse is like steem for audio as steem is for blogging. Checkout for more info.