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Two years ago we started this road, to make the blockchain a real change for the better and useful tool for people in places like Venezuela. Our's is the story of how ideas can become realities, proving that hard work and good intentions are a powerful drives even in the bear market. 

This community is as strong as the people in it. As its says on one our first posts, it was sharing ideas and other people's help how it all began:

"[We] decided to write a series of articles about how a country like ours could change for the better if, somehow, we decided to adopt blockchain technology in different areas. The first article was titled: "Project Venezuela: A utopian task" (Proyecto Venezuela: Una tarea utópica). That article had a massive acceptance,[...] Something that began as a crazy idea thrown to the air, now seemed that it was worthy to dedicate effort and time. Little by little came people who were extremely interested and willing to put their grain of sand." by @Efrageek

Ever since, @Provenezuela has grown to be one of the most active communities on the Steemit platform. We have engaged to be the biggest Venezuelan guild of Steemians and probably one of the largest Spanish-speaking user base on the blockchain. 

Our mission is simple: work on the promotion and adoption of the crypto and blockchain technologies as solutions to the many challenges that failed fiat economies like Venezuela have. 

The result of it has been a blooming series of projects and contests that have opened the door for the big lab we have nowadays in the Latin American region. Our collaborations and projects have had a wide spectrum of impact, through services and tools to foster adoption and innovation, and new alliances that boost the reach of our ideas. It is so how now together with @eosvenezuela Block Producers, we want to boost the @Provenezuela impact on Steem's future and community, becoming a Steem Witness!


Our Witness plans to focus on development and support for innovation and adoption of the Steem blockchain, as a playground for entrepreneurship and successful social network. We will continue with our magazines and author support to keep expanding the Venezuelan adoption, as ways to bring more non-crypto users to the blockchain realm through an easy to use concept and friendly community. Steemit has the capacity to be the path for adoption platform due to its free account and social dynamics, we want to keep boosting that opportunity and add tools to make it even more impactful. 


Adding for the support of our community we have launched a rewards bot, which daily selects a number of posts with the hashtag #Provenezuela or #Venezuela and vote for them. The idea is to stake up as much as possible as Witness and with help from collaborators and Steem Power delegation offer a bigger help to encourage new writers and social influencers on Steemit. 


For over a year we have been providing an easy access to Venezuelan users to the Steemit's crypto economy through our local exchange @steem-pays. More than 3 thousand satisfied clients has used our platform to exchange from the local fiat to crypto, making possible the profitability of the Steem blockchain in Venezuela. We provide a necessary service to take the whole benefit of the technology from new users. Our plan is to robust and promote Steemit's adoption as the leader social dapp on the blockchain. Offering a bridge from the fiat and crypto economy which ultimately brings more opportunities of development on the ecosystem.

Provenezuela is thinking big this 2019, we are preparing many new exciting things for this community. We hope to get all the support from the community that has been with us since the beginning and all the new helping hands that share our values and mission. This is another idea that needs your help to succeed. Let the blockchain build our future, and please consider voting for @Provenezuela Steem Witness. 

You can use this link to vote directly

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Welcome to the dark side. :-)


Hahaha, thanks dark lord!



We love Venezuela too

Awesome, we need #Venezuela grows, thanks for make an innovation in my country

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Thanks Yonilkar, we will continue to push innovation in our country


To you for be a part of the innovation

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Steemit is the biggest and more successful dapp in Venezuela by far, and we will make it even greater. Very exciting news and project! Let the blockchain build our future! #provenezuelawitness

La realidad es que Venezuela necesitaba un testigo que la representara en la Blockchain de Steem y no había quien estuviera dispuesto hacer la inversión necesaria para ello. Les felicito profundamente, porque sé que ustedes han trabajado duro para promover la blockchain entre los Venezolanos! Adelante sin descanso!

     ¡WOw! Sorprendente noticia, me alegra mucho pero mucho ver este importante, por supuesto que desde este momento tienen mi voto como testigo, nuestra querida comunidad venezolana sigue creciendo y ahora mucho más de la mano de un Witness 100% venezolano, solo me queda decir gracias por todo ese excepcional trabajo que hacen por todos nosotros.

Venezuela Up!


Es algo que siempre buscamos, por dos años hasta que por fin se dieron las condiciones. Esperamos que este año para la comunidad venezolana y Latina sea estupenda a pesar de los precios de las cryptos.

¡El 2019 arrancando con un Witness venezolano!


La mejor manera de iniciar 2019

Excelente. tenia tiempo sin pasarme por una de sus publicaciones. Pero es bueno volver y toparse con esta noticia. felicitaciones sigan cosechando exitos


Esperamos que muchos se animen a publicar en Steemit de nuevo.


bueno yo sigo publicando. pero realmente como que la cosa anda floja. no por el valor que tenga, si no por la cantidad de votos que la gente da... pero se hace lo que se puede. por mi parte no he vuelto a publicar porque no he tenido inspiracion. a pesar de que tengo material. Pero esperemos que pronto se mejore el valor de la moneda y asi todos vuelvan a postear

Thank you very much for the support, let's continue working together for our beautiful country opening paths towards a better future


We can make this! thanks for your support too



Gracias @chitty, por tu apoyo desde nuestros inicios.

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¡Excelente esta iniciativa! ¡Les deseo muchos éxitos!


Gracias @ylich, con trabajo duro y una comunidad fuerte lo vamos a lograr.

Cuenten con mi apoyo. ¡Éxitos!

Excelente amigos todo el éxito del mundo para ustedes, son geniales.


Hermnaos muchas gracias, esperamos poder seguir colaborando como hemos hecho desde el inicio. ¡Saludos a todo su equipo!

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What an amazing project, totally supporting it! @provenezuela


Wo-ho!!! thanks friend

¡Vamos con todo!

Amigos de lo mejor, ya votados me parece excelente esta iniciativa.


¡Muchas gracias!