Steem Witness Proposal: I am precise. I am swift. I am human.

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vote for this witness who advocates @steemph - a non-profit, non-stock autonomous organization

I am precise.

Serendipity introduced me to cryptocurrency way back 2010-2011 and since then, I aimed to one day contribute my fair share of knowledge. I have an arsenal of tools to maintain a reliable and stable witness node. Backed mainly with my diverse education and experience in the field of Technology - from engineering, cybersecurity, and to software development.  

I am swift.

I am a sucker for new technologies. I adapt and learn quickly. My first dip at exploring the blockchain is when I started mining for Litecoin. Then I got hooked in developing Dapps and smart contracts for Ethereum. Until now, I maintain an Ethereum miner. One thing lead to another and from Proof-of-Work I explored on Proof-of-Stake Algorithms by building a DECENT Witness Node just recently. Now, since we're at it, why not build a Steem Witness node right? 

And today, I formally announce that my Steem Witness node is online at block 15389932. 

I am human.

A good friend, @tjpezlo narrated to me (over a cup of coffee and a nutella crepe) how steemians from the Philippines have thrive and now have formed a fast-growing community- @steemph, I immediately saw the spirit of "bayanihan" (pronounced as buy-uh-nee-hun)

Bayanihan -  From the Filipino word "bayan," which translates into nation, the bayanihan spirit showcases just how much we seek to make the impossible possible by virtue of unity.

@tjpezlo have gone to great lengths in convincing me to join the community and then @immarojas showed me the path to their dwelling.  

As soon as I entered their home, (at Discord for now)  I felt like I was no stranger, a family embraced me with the utmost hospitality. Standing at the entrance door, I was welcomed with coffee and cakes (in the form of emojis), everyone was so excited to see me as if I was their long lost brother. So I went to the couch and there I saw "the handler of shy accounts". She showed me around and point me to "guides_for_newbies" and I said "But I'm no newbie." She then replied, "We have "ph-traders" so, do you trade cryptocurrencies?" I paused for a while and ... "Is that what we use to buy dinner and drinks?" ... then the rest was history. 

This Witness advocates all endeavors of @steemph to build-up the community, reach-out to those who need and To grow the Filipino Steemit Blogging Community through positivity and empowerment. 

Henceforth, I pledge to contribute 25% of the net profit from running this witness node ( if it becomes a profitable active Witness ). 

If you support this cause, let's build the community together and vote for me here 

You may reach me at Steemit Philippines Discord - @precise

I code with purpose. I am @precise.

Happy Birthday to @tjpezlo .... this is a gift he deserve!


Good luck man! Steem on! Followed and voted.

OMG, sorry it was clumsiness ^_-

Thank you for your supporting @precise! He'll help a lot of Filipinos!
👑🇵🇭💋😙 xoxo


Congrats @precise! ^_-

Thanks @johano and @purepinay. we can all help each other :)

Yay! I'm sure the shy accounts handler is super proud of you. Well-deserved witness vote casted!

Should i hire another??

We might need to. The handler may be partial to one and may not be able to shower other accounts as much attention, haha.

Ok. Train one.

Steemit is gonna change lots of lifes, it has changed mine and many others but that is just the beginning. Followed...

Welcome to the family @precise ❤❤ ❤

Thanks @bearone. 😉😉😉

Woot, woot!! Go @precise!

Need to install another couch...with that 25% to steemph, we can't possibly chuck you out now, can we?
What can we do to make our "shy account handler" service better? An honest evaluation is very much appreciated.
You are steemph 2nd donor...after @flabbergast-art. Put that in the blockchain.

i'll keep the "shy account handler" and you can find a new one?

Oh sorry..we only have one handler for now, so am afraid that person will have to cater the incoming ones. You can help thu as you've graduated from it ;)

"graduated from it"? i'm still a student lola =)

Am telling u..u've graduated. Now, get a job.

New shy handler or a couch???

Good luck mate with the witness project :)

Thanks @kyrios

Very @precise! Will vote you once I have access to a desktop. Mabuhay!:)

Mabuhay! ka dakilang @st3llar :)

My all out support to your endeavors...
Wishing you all the success.

thanks @kawal

Done, voted. :)

Thanks @zararina

Hey precise. kumusta. U sound like a good guy. I voted for your witness and am following u now. upvoted, too. :P

Thanks @chinito

voted, good luck to you :-)

thanks @rye05

Nice, goodluck precise!

voted. good luck!

very nice post. i upvoted your post. @tjpezlo is a great steemian & also friend of mine. i have started to follow you !
@irfanullah from Pakistan !

Great to have you here... and thanks for the upvote :)

goodluck friendship @precise! full support all the way!

thanks @beng05. i hope banjo will treat you better. you deserve the best!

Welcome po. Upvoted!
Good luck!

Voted you as witness sir 25% contribution is fair.

Thanks @allmonitors. It's for the community - we can all help each other.

I commend you for your advocacy to support Filipino Steemit Community! Good luck and God bless!

Salamat bai @asbonclz

Oy bisdak diay ka bossing?

bisdak pa sa tanang bisdak! bai 😂😂😂

Ahahaha payts payts! Wa ko ka vote nimo boss kay naka set akong proxy kang terry

Pls tell Terry to vote for him too.

As soon as @surpassinggoogle online ma'am @immarojas, I'll ask him right away.

Haha pls don't forget cloh76.witness
The 3 of them are our Pinoy supporters.

I precisely voted you as witness and following you...God bless you in your endeavor!

Thanks @joshvel

Very well Voted !

Good luck po! ♡♡♡

Thanks nyl 😇😇

Wooohooooo @precise!

hi @grazz =) how's it going ?

Good to have you as a witness :) Voted you.

Some notes: I think your block size is too high, any reason you have it double the normal one?

And I noticed you only voted for 3 witnesses so far (one of them being yourself), maybe try finding a few more that deserve your vote :)

I like your post about securing your witness! Looking forward to reading more from you.

Thanks. you've got some interesting posts as well.

@bearone got you a $1.43 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@bearone got you a $1.43 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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upvoted done

Cheers! Thanks

Hi, @precise <33 My vote isn't wasted! ;) Let's have coffee sometime, kahit na nagpapalpitate na ako. Hahaha!