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RE: @ura-soul Witness Update - Anarchy vs. Empire: TRON Replaces Top Witnesses and Takes Over the STEEM Blockchain

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couldn't say it better mate! I only supported 0.22.2 as a temporary measure, as I shared in my witness update, waiting for the supposed meeting of 6th... I am still in shock with this take over and it's implications to STEEM blockchain and STEEM token. I don't really care about Steemit Inc. I only care about STEEM blockchain and community and this is a serious attack that we are suffering as a community. I want to help in any way I can to minimise the damage of such an event, please count me in! :(


Absolutely, yes - though it seems that there is a bit of a lack of organisation in terms of producing new code within the community. I listened to about 4 hours of today's mayor show in Discord and there is some headway being made towards various solutions, but I think it's up to each of us to take the initiative to create what we need rather than relying purely on others. That said, what the community needs on a basic level is quite clear to me and to most people, I think.. So I am optimistic that solutions can be found relatively quickly.

I agree. I was shocked too.

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