Updated witness to 0.20.9, Steem.Ninja and a public Hivemind node

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Witness Server updated to run 0.20.9

We updated our witness servers to the latest version of Steem: v0.20.9:

 initminer public key: STM8GC13uCZbP44HzMLV6zPZGwVQ8Nt4Kji8PapsPiNq1BK153XTX
 chain id: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
 blockchain version: 0.20.9

The update went smooth and no blocks were missed. Success! We will continue to take our responsibilities as a Steem witness seriously and will always keep our witness servers up to date.


With @Steem.Ninja we launched the easiest onboarding solution on this blockchain. Steem.Ninja allows you to purchase a Steem account and/or Steem Power delegations with a credit/debit card. Furthermore it incentivizes everyone to onboard their friends through the cool and unique referral system where the referrer can set their own reseller price. For more information about this project visit the Steem.Ninja website at: https://steem.ninja and join our Steem.Ninja Discord server at: https://discord.me/steemninja

An Oracle-D Hivemind Node

We are pleased to anounce the launch of hive.oracle-d.com - A public hivemind node.

According to the official Hivemind Github repository, Hivemind is a

Developer-friendly microservice powering social networks on the Steem blockchain.

If you want to learn more about Hivemind checkout this post by @steemitblog: Hivemind is Live!

We run our Hivemind on a dedicated server with 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM and an Intel Core i7-5820k.

You can check our nodes' status at: hive.oracle-d.com/health

The following methods are available through our Hivemind Node:

condenser_api methods







hive methods

Additional to the condenser_api methods Hivemind comes along with are some extra methods that are subjected to change in future releases:


Important Information

Hivemind itself is still in alpha. That means it should not be used for production environments. Developers may use our Hivemind node for testing and development.

Example call

curl -s --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "method":"hive.db_head_state", "id":1}' https://hive.oracle-d.com

Direct Database Access

If you need direct access to the postgresql database contact wehmoen#0001 on the Oracle-D discord and explain your usecase.
We can grant you read only access to the hive database and the following tables:


Providing a daily snapshot

Oracle-D provides a daily updated snapshot of the full Hivemind database.
Before downloading check https://hive.oracle-d.com/dl/status.txt
If the response is DONE you can download the snapshot via:

For a complete guide on howto use this snapshot checkout @emrebeylers post:Steps to restore a Hivemind database snapshot

Shoutout to @emrebeyler

We would like to thank the witness @emrebeyler for his massive support during the setup of our own hivemind node. He recently launched the first public hivemind node and provides daily snaptshots of the postgresql database.

Vote for Oracle-D as witness

If you like the services Oracle-D provides plese consider voting us as witness.

Vote Oracle-D as witness with Steemconnect: https://go.oracle-d.com/witness

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Thanks for developing services and supplying infra for the ecosystem. 👍

Great job @oracle-d! You really are doing your best by adding value to this blockchain every day.

Great to see Oracle-D's hivemind public node. This will certainly help dapp developers to get familiarize with it. Great Job!

Great job @oracle-d! New witness vote incoming.

Steemit community is being strengthened by people like you! Keep the flag waving @oracle-d

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Great service with Steem.Ninja. Signed up a new account and everything was set up really fast. Nice!

Very cool. Hivemind moved into beta with the latest release and we (steemit.com) have been using it live in production for a couple weeks now. The possibilities that this opens up are very exciting.


Looking forward to it! just glad to be a part of it! what do yo see as the most exciting possibility for the use of Hivemind @justinw?

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Good Job!

Great job @oracle-d, I voted you as my witness already

Amazing updates have been happening within the community. Great job guys.
We hope to see even more bigger community

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