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RE: Teach the controversy: Softfork 0.22.2 // Stop and Correct // Potential futures

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Overall Thesis

The witnesses sat on their arses concerning this issue until their positions were threatened and then tried selling this BS narrative about saving the chain; which appears to have been generally swallowed.

Nothing has changed. A Billionaire could buy 21% of STEEM stake tomorrow from an exchange. No solution has been made. Only the trust of the blockchain has been broken by targeting specific accounts.

Shame on every top 20 witness involved with the procrastination of offering a universal solution against majority stake and participation in 22.2's installation.


I started replying to you but the comment became far too long. It's a post on my blog now that was reformatted into a q&a type. Read it if you want.

Expect more and more confusion over the next few days as people spin this out of control. No matter how hard you folks try to get your stories straight, someone will spin it. Spend less time explaining yourselves to every random Joe with something to say and more time getting down to brass tacks. Get this fucking Justin guy on the phone and settle this. Fuck waiting until the 6th so everyone can gather and sing songs or whatever.

You're absolutely right. Well said.

Don't make me go to the shed and get my poking stick.

I'm in that majority of people that have nothing to lose.. I'm just glad others are possibly seeing how unhinged Aggy and his cronies are.. 🍿

I didn't even know people called him Aggy and I didn't know Aggy had cronies. Personally, I don't give a fuck. There's bigger fish to fry.

Haha, well of course but the gas is off we are out of oil, the fish are spoiled, and the pans have been stolen.. Bigger fish to fry ? Thrilled to see how that will work...

Had a browse through. Thanks for the link. Is @guiltyparties an individual or a group run witness account?

Started out as a group but now it's just me and a sr dev buddy in the background.