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RE: Teach the controversy: Softfork 0.22.2 // Stop and Correct // Potential futures

So far the biggest mistake you folks made was accepting the March 6th offer. The first and only offer made, and you took it. That's far too much time. I would have pressed to get this shit done, now. No beating around the bush. No weeks of these fucking posts and divisive politics. Someone out there produced the greatest bit of actual content today, and yesterday, and tomorrow. Drowned out by all this noise. Fucking STEEM posts. The glaring majority of members have literally NOTHING to lose here. It don't matter where these decisions take us, to them. For those that do care, like myself, playing this waiting game and all the noise in between now and then is fucking useless. All talk, no action.


There actually has not been any official offer for a meeting with the witnesses. In fact, I don't believe there has been any direct contact, unless you think a post on Steemit or a Cointelegraph article is contact.

Also, what has been proposed on March 6th doesn't sound like a meeting between the new Steemit ownership and the witnesses at all.

So, in my opinion, as of right now, there is no meeting.

So let's just talk in circles and go nowhere until we get there! Hooray! Maybe chase a few more thousand members away in the mean time! Good plan! I mean, the "entire world" is watching since this made headlines, so why in the world would we show them the true potential of this place? Let's just show them all how fucked up we are instead... and let that shit rise to the top! Genius!

Hey...I'm not the idiot that wrote this post. :)

I know that. I don't even think Aggroed is an idiot. If anyone here is an idiot, it's me. I'll take the blame.

P.S. Don't take the loss of a witness vote personally. Everyone lost my vote. I just did it to prove to myself how fucking irrelevant I truly am. Most will get them back once the dust settles and I can start fresh. I refuse to take sides, for now.

I will take your unvote personally!


For now.

Don't worry, David. We'll move past this, together. It's not you, it's me. I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment yet. We can still be friends.

For now.

All awesome reply.

The March 6th offer was a town hall meeting between Justin and the community. I would much rather see the witnesses hijack this meeting and have it in discord with Justin and let us know after what happens. Reading between the lines Justin may have loads of catching up to do or someone has filled him in already.

I laughed at how much Justin cared about his investment. Nah - I'll wait a few weeks to see what happens with the millions I invested. No biggie.