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Please vote for witness mrs.agsexplorer.

I am mrs.agsexplorer, I have been active witness for BitShares and Muse blockchain since day 1 under the name mr.agsexplorer. But it seems I can't have mr.agsexplorer mined, so I let my dear beloved wife mrs.agsexplorer to support Steem network. I am technically savvy and experienced with Graphene related projects. I am Chinese and as usual, hope to bring more value to Chinese community by providing easier access point and services.

Seed Node:
Location: Shanghai
VPS 4Core 8G memory on Aliyun SH.

name: mrs.agsexplorer
Location: Hong Kong
VPS 4Core 8G memory on Aliyun HK.

Thanks in advance for your support.
vote_for_witness <your_account> mrs.agsexplorer true true

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