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Hi everyone,

In the past few days, you may have noticed I disabled my Witness node. This is because I'm still without power for the backup node. As you may recall, Hurricane Maria passed on Puerto Rico, leaving the entire island without power and internet connectivity services. Because of this, I'm currently running my witness and soon-to-be plublic RPC node in Florida, USA instead of Puerto Rico.

Why did I disabled my witness?

I'm currently exploring different ways to offer a better service to the Steem community. I'm looking forward to enable all of the Steem plugins and offer a general availability RPC node. At this moment, the node is resyncing, but without the account_history plugin. It seems to be going pretty well, but I wish to enable that plugin as well, so I'm experimenting with different memory and Solid-State options to host the Shared Memory file, tweaking my Linux installation. Also, one of the reason I'm performing this is because I didn't performed a replay once I enabled the rest of the plugins, which resulted in some missing information (especially wrong follower/following numbers).

Once I have finished this journey and my Witness has been synced completely, I'll enable my Witness once more.

-Witness @moisesmcardona

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