First Steem Witness in Puerto Rico! Vote for me!

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Hi everyone,

I have nearly a year here on Steemit and I've really enjoyed my time over here.

A few weeks back, it came to my mind to setup a witness because I'm Puertorrican and currently, there's no Witness on the Island, so I went ahead and setup one.

Why be a witness?

The Steem network works by generating blocks which holds the information about posts, votes, followers, etc. Without having a witness, these blocks wouldn't be generated and no content can't be served. Having a witness also means that there is another point of presence somewhere in the world, and in my case, it is in Puerto Rico.

Why a Witness in Puerto Rico?

Having a Witness in Puerto Rico is an excellet idea because there's a point of presence in the Caribbean! That means our neighbor Islands can get Steem data from my witness since it has a full copy of the Blockchain and is always in sync. Also, we have a lot of submarine cables that connects Puerto Rico to America and the rest of the Caribbean Islands, so we can say Puerto Rico is like the Center. Check out this Submaribe Cable map!

As you can see, Puerto Rico gets connected to a lot of places. In case of a submarine cable failure, there's other backup cables that we connect to.

If my Witness gets enought votes, my witness can even generate blocks and send them to other witnesses around the world!

Projects I've done to the Steemit community:

Let's talk about projects. As you may have seen already in some posts, I'm a software developer. I studied Computer Science at the university and coding is something I really like. Recently, I've started playing with the Steem Python Library so you can expect new tools from me in the future!

As a developer, I've also done other projects:

I also have made several apps for Android you can see over here:

So, with a little background of me, and as to why have a Witness in Puerto Rico, I happily announce my Witness journey.
I also run a full Bitcoin and Gridcoin nodes at the moment.


The hardware is as follows:

CPU: Dual Intel Xeon X5670 (6-core/12 threads per CPU = 12-core/24 threads total)
HDD: 500GB
LAN: Gigabit adapters

How to vote for Witness?

  1. Go here:
  2. Scoll down to the end of the page, where you'll see the Vote dialog
  3. Enter my steemit username, "moisesmcardona", and press the Vote button:

That's it!

Thanks all for reading my first Witness post!

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Great job!

Thanks a lot!

Congratulations moises on being the first steem witness in puerto rico, great work and thanks for all you do to help and contribute to steemit, this beautiful platform. Anyone who mines also always looks cool 😊 Keep it up moises. Are your youtube videos about programming as well, I would love to check them out. Do you have a link to it? Congrats again on being witness 😊

Thanks! I don't have programming videos or tutorials yet, only some C++ codes that I'll share with all of you later. Making programming tutorials is in my priority list 🙂

Very nice! All the best with everything 😊

Great place deserve a witness

You have my vote


Thanks! Definitely. The amount of Submarine Cables means that almost all of America can connect to the Island through them 🙂

Heyy great job! The Caribbean is a fast emerging market for cryptocurrency, I look forward to seeing more revolutionary things happening in those countries!

Thanks! The Carribean is indeed a great place to be and explore 🙂

Good job


Hi nice and thank you for the post ... Im new and didn't know what a witness is this gave me enough information to start exploring this part of steemit maybe ill become one too and it will be thanks to you.

Thanks and you're welcome! Definitely, the more steem witnesses running, the better as it makes the network more decentralized 🙂

Listo amigo, votado. Gracias por la colaboración que le brindas a la comunidad.

Muchas gracias por tu voto 🙂 Y seguiré colaborando e inventando cosas nuevas 😁

I vote


Te felicito y te deseo muchos éxitos Moisés en tu profesión, ya vote amigo...hasta pronto...


Claro que necesitamos un Witness en Puerto Rico! Acabo de votar por ti y de darle resteem a esta publicación! Éxitos!


I'm going to vote for you! I'm also going to Puerto Rico in a couple weeks! Mainly Culebra, but also San Juan! So exciteddddd <3 Yay PR!

Yay! You know what? I've never been in Culebra but San Juan is definitely one of my favorite places 😁. It's nice to go there and have a walk and relax 🙂

felicidades amigo me alegra conocer gente emprendedora como tu, eso me motiva, sigue así tienes mi voto.


Que bueno esta esto Moisés, si que desarrollas cosas!

Jaja sii. Gracias!!


Thank you!

Great work!!


Has your witness project been affected by the rolling blackouts / fiscal instability in Puerto Rico?

Nope. Electricity issues are not a problem where I'm located. And the fiscal instability also doesn't affects this.

Ah, good stuff! Glad to hear it. Good luck!

Thanks! 😃

Acabo de votar por ti y ahora te sigo! Exitos amigo


I voted for you! I love that the island will get some represention! I also followed you; I'm Puerto Rican, is there a big PR presence on Steemit?

Voted! Steemit will be in good hands with @moisesmcardona