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Broken Witness Voting Links and How to Fix Them

I have been looking to put my witness votes to use. In the process, I noticed that it appears Steemconnect may have changed the way parameter values are handled in Witness Voting links.

The Error

I have come across a number of posts where witnesses are using a URL format like this:
(I am not a witness, I have put my account name in the url for demonstration purpose only)

However, after clicking this link and signing in through steemconnect, the user receives the following error message:

The Solution

By updating the parameter value of 'approve' from '1' to 'true' in my browser so the URL looks like:

I am able to successfully complete the voting process and receive a TX ID confirmation

In Summary

Update your witness voting links so that in stead of approve=1 the links leverage approve=true. If you are voting for a witness to support their contributions and experience this error, you can update the link in your browser to avoid it.

I hope this helps, I am excited about the recent improvements to the Steem platform and learning more about how to contribute to its success. I hope this helps support witnesses efforts to make this a great platform and community.

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Thank you!


Hello dear friend @minerthreat.

You are very resourceful!
How did you come to this conclusion? Maybe you have programming knowledge?
In any case I must congratulate you for this valuable help you are giving us so kindly.

In my case I have not noticed these problems that you raise with the links of votes to witnesses, but I will be aware of this. This recommendation will go to my library of valuable resources.
Thanks for sharing.

All best, Piotr.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

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