New Witness: blue-witness

in #witness3 years ago

We have a new witness on Hive:

Welcome him, it is the witness account of @bluerobo.

We need more user like him.
Not circle voting.
Chain supportive.

Kind of like me, but not as crazy and chaotic.

In other news:

Want to switch your beem script from Steem to Hive?
Try this:

from beem.steem import Steem

custom_chains = {
    'HIVE': dict(
            dict(asset='@@000000013', id=0, precision=3, symbol='HBD'),
            dict(asset='@@000000021', id=1, precision=3, symbol='HIVE'),
            dict(asset='@@000000037', id=2, precision=6, symbol='VESTS')
        chain_id="0" * int(256 / 4), min_version='0.23.0', prefix='STM'

s = Steem(node=[''], custom_chains=custom_chains)

You will need to play a bit around with nodes, but it is working.
Thanks @emrebeyler
First posted on Hive


I approve of this message on my behalf ;)
Happy to trade !BEER for witness votes

!BEER for vote, vote for !BEER

damn virus had to ruin the name of my favorite beer.

I think you shouldn't worry too much.
This virus experienced so many name changes, it makes me dizzy ;)

I forgot to leave a !BEER for you. Enjoy

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The circle voting is insane help out some of the little guys instead. I am on Hive but still using my SP till my power down is complete.

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