I Can Not Make Any Reply To You In My Reply Page. So Here Are The Reasons You Are Being Attacked, in my humble and not so humble opinion:
Because we live in Tyranny. We are slaves who are stolen of all our creative works and cast down, out, and hated by those who are unwittingly and unknowingly more enslaved than we are; even though they have all the benefits of their tyranny and theft and murder.
Because we are the 15% most feared and dangerous people existing on the planet as we are aware, awake and very much alive.
Because, as throughout history, those who have been given gifts, so much more is given to and we have the thriving desire to see humankind come into full blossom of its potential and become 'free'.
Because we have been through this so many times before and had to suffer through mankinds self annihilation, so many times before....

I agree. And I'm wide awake. I'll remain to serve as a thorn on the rose bush ~
Far more than few as man becomes it's own plague. When wars are over, the real war begins.

I am only the truth, and they cannot kill it is why they attack. AS they flag I upvote them and balance it back out from the negative. I have for a long time since childhood seen the truth in it's rawest form. I am prepared to walk in the darkness to make room for the light. I was born that way. I walk comfortably in all groups from thugs to bikers to homeys in the hood. I represent everyone, everywhere. Let them attack. With every attack they work against themselves and against real brilliant minds. In the end they will do themselves in only. Time tells the truth on all, and their fate becomes their own throughout history. I will stand as I am without fail and much cause. Ty my friend for your understanding and bringing to my attention that a ray of light can be found among any darkness. Even today's. ~

The truth is harsh. Attack me and be attacked back with no restraint. I am tired of abuse on this blockchain of ALL abused by such. My words are sometimes harsh, but do not peck at a rose either lest you get pricked by a thorn ~

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