WITNESS CHALLANGE.Fight for a vote

in witness •  9 months ago

Hello and welcome to my little witness challange.

Im new on Steemit,reading and learning every day.Witness...now i know what it is or actually who they are and what they do.Also i know we should vote on them and there is 30 witness votes per person on STEEMIT.The list of witnesses is long as you know and reading about each of them and finding the best one's and voting for them ,for a newbie like me is a disaster.For this reason I decided to create the post.I want to make 10 votes on the witnesses and if you are the one who needs a vote ,now its your chance to get it--------

RULES of entry apply.

Comment,upvote,follow,reestem my post (choose and do 3 of them) and i will choose 10 witnesses i will vote on after 7 days since now(1st February).In exchange i will also reestem there last post,follow and upvote them.Your STEEM POWER should be 40+ 

After 7 days I will also create the post including the list of witnesses i voted on.

I hope i brought something interesting to Steemit community by creating this witness challange.

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Good strategy mate, but your vote worth almost nothing without steem power ;)


true ...,trying to build the steam power but there is not much interests in my posts.From what i see on here there is some steem groups/teams and within them people vote on each others posts only.They are not bothered reading or voting newbies posts ...unfortunetely


It will take time to make friends here. Do you use discord chat?


no ,i dnt ...what is it? shall i use it? can i ask you for upvote? ;)