Participate in monetary creation and earn easy Steem

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Quantitative easing. Monetary creation. You have all heard it. The process of monetary creation of all country is centralized. They never ask the advice of citizens. And citizens don't even know how it works. In the world of decentralized cryptos, the process of money creation is decentralized and normally open to everyone. Steem is an decentralized crypto.

What if you too participate in monetary creation?

@exnihilo.witness exist for 2 years now. Our only goal has always been to participate in the decentralization of the network without worrying about what it could bring us. Indeed, turning a server was an enriching experience for us too.
Today the cards have changed hands on Steem. Following the sale of Steemit Inc by @ned to the Tron foundation, the historic witnesses, who for some were already present during ninjaminning and others who joined the team afterwards, tried to take power on the platform. From then on, a war ensued which is still not really over. In any case, there are many things that have changed on our platform.

The rules of the game are evolving

In Steem and on other blockchain projects running a DPOS protocol, it was common for users and people who have token stakeholders to vote for a witness. Imagine the fact that when the witness is in a favorable position, they give back a whole part of the tokens generated to the people who voted over the past 24 hours to this witness.
Knowing that our witness has been touring for years, we had the idea to do the same. Indeed, thanks to a script, every day, at a specific time, we will donate part of the witness’s reward to those who voted for us.
This is a source of income for you that costs you nothing. In fact, all of you, as a Steem blackchain user, can vote for 30 different witnesses.

What is the plan ?

It's simple, you vote for @ exnihilo.winess and we offer you to receive daily earnings while:

  • exercise your voting power unchanged
  • keep the possibility of delegating my steem to whom I want and when I want
  • the possibility of powerdown on the date I want

What do you think ? it would be silly not to take advantage of this.
However, we are not well placed in best position in witness ranking to offer you the best possible returns. Ideally, a large part of you should decide to vote for our witness. Going up in the ranking, we could distribute much more to our voters.

How to take advantage of this ?

You have two solutions

Do not hesitate to try the experience.



My witness vote goes to you @exnihilo.witness. This is a great initiative and I think each witness should do this who get my vote. Cheers!!!

Witness rewards redistribution? Now that's something that makes sense. It will partially help solve the problem of corruption, because less will be at stake for you, so you will be harder to corrupt.


This is simply vote buying. Do not get me wrong, I am not against them. I am just/only telling the truth. I also voted for their witness, so in other words they bought my vote (I do not have other reasons to vote for their witness).

How is this quantitative easing? I can't understand why you even mentioned that, except maybe that it's a buzzword lately. This is just another pay to play votebuying epolitician. Do not hesitate to try the experience.

Hi, while what you are offering has nothing to do with quantitative easing, (you dont print extra money, you just redistribute what is already generated), the redistribution of wealth model is something that has my interest.
You talk about "parts" of the rewards, how much of the rewards is that exactly in percentage?
How is this different from vote buying? Thanks for the answer!

Thank you @ciska for your interest on our post. We are speaking about witness vote and not post upvote. In other words, you have nothing to "buy", you have nothing to risk or to lose.
You are entitled to vote for 30 witness, you can do it or not. But if you choose us, we share with you the mining rewards, while all other witness keep all the rewards for themselves...

For the moment, due to our rank, we have more server cost than rewards, so until it is economically viable, we do a 50/50 split of the reward. That means we distribute the half of the reward to voters and half of the rewards goes to pay the server rental.
But if the Steem Community vote for us and we all have more rewards, we will review the reward split with the evolution of our witness ranking.
@exnihilo.witness thanks you for the trust you have placed in this project.

"But if you choose us, we share with you the mining rewards, while all other witness keep all the rewards for themselves..."

You probably mean "we will share." Because you have not shared anything so far.
I voted for your witness 2 days ago (on 2020.04.19), but I have not received anything from you so far. And I have not heard anyone, who received anything from you so far. So, when will you start sharing the mining rewards with us?

Hi @xplosive
At the beginning we were far away ranked, so we didn't got block everyday.
Now, due to your vote, we are rank 122 and we got more or less two blocs each days, so we can share witnessing rewards we our kind voters.
Also, you were right, we have to be more transparent with you, that's why we have now a daily post with all the shared rewards.
Here is the link of today post
You could see that you received 0.034 steem today.
To resume, share this post with all of your followers, more vote we have, more all of us rewards we have...
And thank again to have alerting us.

Are you sure about this?

Steem is an decentralized crypto.

Now say that again, but slowly! And if you still don't get it, count how many in the Top 20 witnesses currently are Justin Sun's sock puppets.

Besides, how is this offering any different from vote buying? Wait, what the hell is quantitative easing?

Seems this witness lives to its name.

Ex nihilo nihil fit.


OK, I’m in. I qualify this as a good idea in creation of ‘democratic witnesses’ which will actually bought the votes of membership. That would be like having a dividends into witness stocks. Who gives higher dividends can decide on future changes of the platform.

With this, Steemit has become a playground for innovative ideas, so let’s see where this one will bring us.

Hi @lighteye,
You have perfectly understood the context and the issues behind our idea.
As you say, let's see what the future holds.

@exnihilo.witness exist for 2 years now. Our only goal has always been to participate in the decentralization of the network without worrying about what it could bring us.

Steemit and the Steem blockchain was never decentralized (it became even worse lately, Justin Sun introduced the blockchain-wide censorship), so good luck with that.

New witnesses are always welcome.
Thank you for the interesting initiative :)

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