The Backup Blockchain Data Service Has Finished The Optimition

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A few days ago, I wrote an article "The Steem blockchain data backup service has occur network issue. I'm working on it." in which I mentioned the difficulties I faced when trying to upload blockchain data from my home server to Hetzner due to local ISP or GFW (Great Firewall of China) restrictions.

Over the past two weeks, I have tried several optimization methods, and now the blockchain data backup upload has been restored.

The specific optimization steps I took are as follows:

  • I changed the method of connecting to Hetzner from WebDAV to SFTP because SFTP supports resumable uploads, allowing for the continuation of interrupted transfers.
  • I purchased two intermediary servers to transfer the traffic. Commercial networks offer better stability compared to residential networks, and using intermediary servers helps me avoid restrictions imposed by my local network provider. The intermediary service utilizes goproxy's secondary TCP proxy implementation.

Typically, it takes around two days to complete the backup for a single type of file.

Therefore, if you notice that the backup data for a specific type hasn't been updated for more than two weeks, it is highly likely that my home server has encountered some issues again.

In that case, please contact me immediately.

My telegram:

Thank you for reading. I'm a witness. You could find more on my site

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Thank you!


The retry policy effects.


My intermediary servers bought from:

Hello ety001,
after the community has given me such great support, I would like to set up a fullnode server.
I have rented a server with 2x1 TB SSD and 64GB RAM.
I read in one of your posts that you had better not use RAID to fully utilise the hard disk capacity. Would you also recommend this for a rented server?

Would it be feasible to set up a fullnode and the ahnode as well as hivemind on one server?
It would be nice if you could give me a few tips from your many years of experience.

Perhaps there are unclear parts in the article. Using RAID is a good solution, and you need to determine whether to use RAID based on your situation. In certain conditions, not using RAID may be easier to maintain and more cost-effective.

All services can be hosted on the same server.

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