SteemDataBackup Service has finished maintance

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The serivice of steem data backup has finally finshed maintance.(

The server's one disk was broken down in 02/18/2022.

This server has two 2TB disks and four 1TB disks. Before the disk accident, I was using LVM to migrate all hard disks as a huge virtual disk.

So when any disk breaks down, the data will be lost.


After replacing the broken disk, I rebuilt my server's disk layout.

Make one RAID1 group by two 2TB disks and one RAID5 group by four 1TB disks.

I will run the node program on the RAID1 group and save backup data on the RAID5 group.

Using RAID layout means I have not enough disk space to save two copies for each type of blockchain data.

Then I have to rewrite my backup shell which did not save before the disk broken down.

Re-pulling block data, writing backup shell, test all process of backup take a lot of time.

Now everything has come back.

This time I have backed up my shell on gist.

I don't want to rewrite and test these shells again. lol.

Btw, this month's bandwidth is almost 10TB. What a huge data transfering!


Thank you for reading. I'm a witness. I would really appreciate your witness vote! You can vote by AuthSteem. Or open page, input ety001 to vote.



Looks like TRX payouts haven't been going through the last several days... not sure who to reach out to?

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